Home News DoIT Showcases Cutting-Edge AIoT Pelagic Fishery System at 2023 Meet Greater South”

DoIT Showcases Cutting-Edge AIoT Pelagic Fishery System at 2023 Meet Greater South”

DoIT Showcases Cutting-Edge AIoT Pelagic Fishery System at 2023 Meet Greater South”
Image Courtesy: Pexels

The Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), has showcased a selection of 30 innovations from startup teams and R&D institutes at the 2023 Meet Greater South, one of the leading startup expositions in Asia. Among the highlights of the opening event was the unveiling of DoIT’s Pelagic Fishery AIoT Value-Added System, an advanced drone application system that utilizes four drones to precisely locate and track schools of pelagic fish.

Dr. Chiou Chyou-Huey, Director General of DoIT, emphasized the significance of this advanced drone application system, stating that “the Pelagic Fishery AIoT Value-Added System marks that Taiwan is introducing AI technologies into pelagic fishing for the first time.” Compared to using helicopters for fish search, this innovation boasts a threefold increase in efficiency and a 65% reduction in operational costs. This AIoT pelagic fishery system incorporates efforts of local enterprises, pelagic fisheries, non-governmental organizations that contributed to the key technologies, and the drone supply chain in Taiwan. Director General Chiou expressed optimism that this AIoT system would catalyze the industrialization of drone fleet services for pelagic fisheries.

The event also showcased an array of other AI-powered exhibits, including the Edge Cloud Low-Latency Computing Software and Hardware Innovation Technology, which is co-developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the Institute for Information Industry (III). Integrating a management platform and AI accelerator cards, this innovation can perform data transmission and analysis within 100 milliseconds, while effectively halving deployment costs for enterprises. With its excellent low-latency computing capability, this technology finds broad applications in venues demanding substantial AI computing power, such as 5G-enabled smart shopping malls and advanced smart factories.

DoIT also introduced an advanced AI display solution called the Magic Surprise Craft, which features an angular three-sided naked-eye 3D display and real-time interactive perception technology. Developed by ITRI, this AI display system can detect human body movements even when off-screen. Eslite Spectrum is set to demonstrate this innovation in stores in Japan this upcoming fall. The extensive potential of this innovation has led ITRI to collaborate with AI-related enterprises in the United States, making successful inroads into the global automotive parts sector.