Monday, February 6, 2023 | 01:50 pm

Dandy Technology Unveils First-to-Market Weed-eliminating Robots for the Lawn Care Revolution

Dandy Technology Unveils First-to-Market Weed-eliminating Robots for the Lawn Care Revolution

Dandy Technology, a technology company creating robots that simplify daily tasks, has unveiled the first robots of its forthcoming line of revolutionary lawncare products: the Dandy DT-01 and Dandy DT-01XL for home lawns. Dandy is the only consumer lawn care robot designed to eliminate weeds while saving time and money, and it limits the impact of herbicides on the environment through its safe, efficient spot treatment method.

Dandy uses AI and visual processing to locate common broadleaf weeds among the grass (with 95+% accuracy) before spraying them directly with only a small dose of herbicide – all without human intervention. Spot-treating weeds reduce herbicide usage by more than 90% when compared to spraying an entire lawn, which is better for the grass and safer for people, pets, birds, and our water.

“Like most homeowners, I hated the wasted time spent pulling weeds in my yard or paying for expensive lawn treatments that covered my entire lawn in herbicide,” said Peter Wokwicz, founder and CEO of Dandy Technology. “Dandy has been an idea in the back of my mind for years – I just needed the technology to catch up with the concept. Technology should help us improve our day-to-day lives and reduce our environmental impact, and Dandy does just that. It lifts the burden of a tedious, expensive task, and prioritizes both safety and efficiency.”

Dandy’s design includes durable bumpers that allow it to easily navigate through grass and obstacles, and its advanced sensors eliminate nearly every weed in one or two sessions. The DT-01 robot includes a 0.5L reservoir for herbicide and will spray up to 1,000 weeks before requiring a refill. The DT-01XL robot includes a 1.2L reservoir and will spray up to 2,700 weeks before requiring a refill.

Dandy can be set up for a lawn in minutes through the free Dandy Robot App, available for Android and iOS users. Unlike grass-cutting robots, there are no underground wires needed. Dandy is equipped with GPS and users simply open the app to draw lawn boundaries for Dandy on the map. When it’s done searching for weeds, Dandy returns to the area the user has set as “home base” until it’s ready to run again.

The Dandy DT-01 is best for lawns up to ΒΌ acre and costs $699.99. The DT-01XL is made for lawns up to 1 acre and costs $799.99. Both products can be purchased at dandytechnology.com and will begin shipping in early spring. The company is also developing a commercial version of the product, the Dandy DTC-101, which is slated to hit the market by mid-year.