Saturday, November 27, 2021 | 06:01 pm

Cognizant U.S. Foundation Renews Investment in CodePath To Improve Racial Representation in Tech

Cognizant U.S. Foundation Renews Investment in CodePath To Improve Racial Representation in Tech

The Cognizant U.S. Foundation has awarded CodePath a $2.5 million grant to scale its work to deliver an industry-informed computer science curriculum to students across 300 college campuses in the U.S., ensuring students are equipped with the relevant skills and connections needed to enter the workforce and secure jobs that lead to economic mobility.

This marks the Foundation’s second investment in CodePath and reflects the organization’s success in providing students with industry-informed curriculum, programming, and pathways to employment. CodePath has experienced year-over-year growth of 82%, including new partnerships with HBCUs and HSIs, as well as adding key college systems across the country as partners.

“Despite many employers pledging to redesign their talent strategy to improve racial equity, the COVID-19 pandemic has widened the opportunity gap for low-income and Black or Latinx students,” said Kristen Titus, executive director of the Cognizant U.S. Foundation. “CodePath’s model successfully addresses systemic barriers to employment, such as lack of access to social capital or internship experiences, putting students on a clear pathway to success in the tech industry”.

CodePath has a proven track record of increasing diversity in the tech industry with its transformative approach to computer science education—of the 3,300 students served last year, 69% identified themselves as underrepresented minorities or came from low-income backgrounds.

After completing CodePath’s free programming, Latinx alumni are 11 times more likely to land technology jobs than their peers, while female alumnae are three times more likely and Black alumni four times more likely. And, one year after graduating from CodePath’s program, 85% of Black and Latinx alumni are still working in the technology industry as software engineers.

“CodePath is uniquely well-positioned to facilitate an inclusive recovery by helping both colleges and employers adopt programs that are intentionally designed to place underrepresented minorities into in-demand jobs,” said Michael Ellison, CEO, and co-founder of CodePath. “As one of our first funders, we are thrilled to receive this new grant from Cognizant U.S. Foundation to scale our mission, shape a more equitable talent pipeline in big tech, and provide our students more pathways to power”.