Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 02:26 pm

Bus Stop Enforcement Solution From Hayden AI

Bus Stop Enforcement Solution From Hayden AI

Hayden AI, a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, today announced a new solution in its transit performance platform: automated bus stop enforcement.

Illegally parked cars and trucks at bus stops slow down transit vehicles, put riders in danger, and prevent riders with disabilities from accessing the bus. Hayden AI’s mobile perception platform enables transit agencies to clear illegally parked vehicles from bus stops along the entire bus route, improving their ability to pick up every rider at every stop.

Hayden AI is the global leader in mobile automated bus enforcement, with over 300 units installed in New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for bus lane enforcement. Multiple transit agencies have demonstrated that bus lane enforcement successfully changes driver behavior, and Hayden AI is confident that enforcing bus stops will also impact motorists and have both short and long-term safety and accessibility improvements for riders.

“I’m very proud to announce this new capability to the Hayden AI platform,” said Chris Carson, co-founder and CEO of Hayden AI. “Increasing transit ridership requires a safe and accessible environment for every rider. Our ABLE platform was built by transit riders for transit riders to do exactly that.”

“Developing technology that meaningfully impacts transit riders and improves transit agency performance is the reason I joined Hayden AI,” said Syed Rahman, Vice President of Transit. “I’m proud of the work our engineering team has accomplished.”