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Benefits of 2022 Box Technology’s Newest Immersion Cooling

Benefits of 2022 Box Technology’s Newest Immersion Cooling

The full name of Box Technology is Hong Kong Box Technology Development Co., Limited. It is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing immersion cooling systems for data center infrastructure.

Their Green Data Center solution has a deep understanding of miners. The self-developed immersion cooling system can meet the cooling needs of most miners. According to the needs of customers in different industries, they can also customize the production of data center infrastructure for server cooling. They hope to make part of their contribution to the green environment of the earth.

In terms of mass production, they can mass-produce 40kw, 120kw, 200kw, and 20ft immersion cooling containers and can customize green data center solutions for cryptocurrency miners according to customer needs. They can also ship to any place in the world that can be received.

At present, their immersion cooling system has been exported to major mine-hosting places such as North America and Kazakhstan. Their products have been widely praised.

According to the different needs of customers, Box Technology’s green data center will provide the most comprehensive data center solutions considering the customer’s geographic location, climate temperature, etc.

The Advantages of Box Technology’s Data Center Solutions.
• Easy to install.
• The modularity can be stacked and expanded outdoors.
• Reduce water and electricity consumption and reduce emissions.
• The operation is simple, the interface is concise, and it can run automatically.
• Convenient transportation, standard-size container, easy to transport.

Box Technology data center solutions not only have the above advantages but also an immersion cooling system with the same performance. Their cost performance will be higher and they provide first-class pre-sales and after-sales service so that customers can get a satisfactory experience which is their unremitting goal.

Responding to the international sustainable development philosophy, Box Technology has upheld mine digital currencies in an environmentally-friendly manner. Their vision is to help the mining community increase profits through mining equipment without harm to our planet.