Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 03:06 am

Android 13 Media Player Now Has Compatibility in Apple Music 4.2

Android 13 Media Player Now Has Compatibility in Apple Music 4.2

Android 13 introduced a new design for the media player that required developers to update their apps, and Apple Music is only now doing so.

Version 4.2 of Apple Music entered beta earlier this month and targets API level 33. The app selected shuffle and repeat (which cycles through repeat all and repeat single track) as the two actions to the right of the timeline scrubber and next/back. Bold rectangular icons are used to note when either action is enabled.

The song name and artist, as well as the large play/pause button, are in the middle.

It took Apple a long time to get this change out, especially since Shazam was updated in September, though the other major streaming services didn’t fare much better. (If we were to speculate why, the Apple Music for Android team has presumably been working to prepare the Classical app.) Spotify was updated in mid-December, while Tidal added support in late February. Pandora has yet to be updated.

YouTube Music was updated for Android 13’s launch last August. Speaking of Google’s streaming service, it’s only now adding live lyrics and a sleep timer, thus matching Apple’s service.

Version 4.2 of Apple Music is currently in beta, and you can join via the Play Store. These betas are usually quite stable.