Home News American Companies Collaborate with NASA to Advance Moon and Exploration Technology

American Companies Collaborate with NASA to Advance Moon and Exploration Technology

American Companies Collaborate with NASA to Advance Moon and Exploration Technology
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ProLogium and MAHLE have signed an MOU for the development of the first thermal management system tailored for ProLogium’s next generation solid-state batteries. The collaborative efforts will contribute to the rollout of commercially viable solid-state battery solutions that offer improved safety, energy density, and lifespan.

Under the MoU, both parties will collaborate on cell tests focusing on thermal properties to facilitate the development of innovative thermal management for solid-state batteries. This is the first time MAHLE, a leading century-old automotive supplier, has tapped into the solid-state battery industry. After a series of evaluations on ProLogium’s solid-state batteries with 100% SiOx anode, the two companies will enter into discussion regarding building prototypes for “ProLogium- MAHLE” solid-state cell modules and battery pack.

“The shared goal that unifies ProLogium and MAHLE is to speed up clean transportation with innovations,” said Vincent Yang, CEO and founder of ProLogium Technology. “We are also excited about potential collaborations in manufacturing and supply chain. The partnership between two pioneering companies in the next-generation battery and engineering fields signifies a leap forward in shaping a revolutionary battery value chain, which is crucial for advancing the industrialization of solid-state batteries.”

“The cooperation with ProLogium is an absolute win-win situation. With the combined expertise of the two groups, we will shape future battery technologies with superior properties”, said Arnd Franz, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board and CEO.

ProLogium adopts oxide ceramic electrolytes, featuring higher heat conductivity and thermal stability. Therefore, the innovation necessitates a distinct approach to heat dissipation and thermal management in the design process. “A well-designed thermal management system is one of the keys to further strengthening ProLogium batteries’ advantages in performance and lifespan. Leveraging MAHLE’s deep expertise in developing advanced thermal management system, we look forward to creating EV battery solutions that provide increased energy density and chargeability while demonstrating excellent safety, stability and life performance,” remarked Polun Cheng, Global Project Management AVP of ProLogium Technology.