Monday, May 29, 2023 | 08:12 am

According to a Patent, Apple Watch Straps May Monitor Your Hand Gestures

According to a Patent, Apple Watch Straps May Monitor Your Hand Gestures

With the advent of the Apple Watch, smartwatches have become the primary health monitoring devices for many users. From real-time ECG to measuring body temperature, the Apple Watch offers a host of features that would otherwise require expensive medical devices. According to a recent patent filed by Apple, the company could be looking to add more functionality to its watch, and this time via the strap.

One advantage of owning multiple generations of the Apple Watch is the fact that you can easily swap between straps. The latest patent filed by Apple suggests that the company might soon introduce a smart strap that could recognize hand gestures by measuring the electric signals using the built-in electrodes on the strap.

As per the pictures in the patent file, the new technology could sense various hand movements such as up, down, rotation (both clockwise and counterclockwise), and is even said to be capable of measuring lateral motions. However, note that Apple has just filed for the patent and is yet to receive approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The possible applications of this technology include improved accessibility features for physically challenged users, accurate workout tracking, and improved gesture recognition. It could even be used to recognize the type of workout without needing user input. Given that the patent is still under approval, one might have to wait at least a few years to see this tech in action.