Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 03:34 am

A New Vital Technology Ecosystem Called Oliva Tech Is Fueled by the Knowledge of Logient and Nventive

A New Vital Technology Ecosystem Called Oliva Tech Is Fueled by the Knowledge of Logient and Nventive

Oliva Capital is pleased to announce the creation of Oliva Tech, a new subsidiary whose mission is to propel technology services companies towards local and international growth. Following this news, Oliva Tech also announces the acquisition of nventive which joins Logient in this new ecosystem. Oliva Tech’s new common shareholder group is led by Oliva Capital and also includes François Tanguay, founder of nventive, as well as four (4) minority shareholders actively involved in the companies and coming from previous transactions.

Logient and nventive, two leading Quebec-based companies with excellent reputations, join forces under Oliva Tech while continuing to operate independently under the general management of Marie-Ève Marcoux for Logient, and Claude Lamoureux for nventive. With this union, the group now totals more than 500 experts within its ecosystem. Vincent Godcharles, who will now lead Oliva Tech, will assume the presidency of both companies, thus amplifying collaboration opportunities. “We are extremely proud to be able to support Logient’s and nventive’s long-term growth vision through Oliva Tech. Our contribution to the progress, leadership, and development of these important players is excellent news for the entire industry and for the Quebec economy,” says the entrepreneur.

This is a new step in the history of nventive, which has been bringing together nearly 150 experts in mobile applications development and custom web platforms for over 15 years. “The strategic partnership between nventive and Oliva Tech was a natural one. Their complementarity, notably by the values they hold in common, will allow both companies to reach ambitious goals while keeping their own DNA,” emphasizes François Tanguay.

“For Logient, firmly established in Quebec, the collaboration with nventive is an asset to accelerate our international growth, as the majority of nventive’s revenues are generated in markets outside Quebec,” specifies Marie-Ève Marcoux, Logient’s General Manager.

Claude Lamoureux, nventive’s General Manager, adds: “I am very excited about the opportunity to combine nventive’s capabilities with those of Logient in a common ecosystem, creating greater opportunities for collaboration and development.”

All clients will benefit from the compagnies’ enhanced agility and expertise, as well as from Oliva Tech’s strategic and financial support.