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Chevy Celebrates Two Significant Truck Victories

Chevy Celebrates Two Significant Truck Victories

Chevrolet is celebrating two major wins in the truck department. Chevrolet says the Silverado 1500 full-size is now Number One in sales. Chevrolet often goes back and forth with the Ford F-Series over the sales title. Chevrolet is also praising the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado mid-size truck for being chosen as the #1 mid-size truck by Car and Driver.

Here is what Chevrolet has to say about the Silverado’s sales win:

“It feels good to be #1. The #Silverado is now the #1 best-selling retail full-sized pickup, and we couldn’t have done it without all our incredible owners. From those on the job to the weekend warriors and everyone in between, thank you!”

Chevrolet says its #1 ranking is “Based on the S&P Global Mobility 2022 CYE U.S. new vehicle registrations using GM custom retail registration type in the GM ½-ton, ¾-ton, and 1-ton large pickup segments.”

Car and Driver have high praise for Chevy’s redesigned mid-size truck. Car and Driver say the “2023 Chevrolet Colorado Leaps to the Top of the Mid-Size Pickup Segment”!

Here is a sample of the C&D review.

“There’s no denying the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado has received an extreme makeover that has considerably toughened its image, with a bold front end and creased chiseled flanks. The new third-generation example stands in stark contrast to the outgoing unit, which came across as little more than a scaled-down full-size truck. It failed to take advantage of its smaller size in a mid-size segment that was being increasingly defined by perceived toughness and off-road prowess. Thus far, the Toyota Tacoma has owned that territory, but Colorado looks set to mount a serious challenge.”

I wrote about all of the upgrades to the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado last year. The 2023 model debuted with three new off-road versions and more capability for off-roaders. It got its new 2.7L turbo engine from its very capable big brother, the Chevy Silverado. Most of the talk about the new mid-size Colorado will be about its all-new Trail Boss and Desert Boss models.

One of the new features that are sure to be a hit is the new tailgate, which has a storage system built in. The tailgate itself has a midway setting, so you can haul longer items. The storage unit is actually built into the tailgate, it opens up to hold tools and is also water-tight so it can be used as a cooler.

The Trail Boss features a 2-inch lifted suspension and wide chassis that produces more ground clearance and a 3-inch wider front track than WT and LT for enhanced off-road driving capability. ZR2 is the most capable of them all, with a high-performance 3-inch lifted suspension and upgraded Multimatic DSSV dampers.

A couple of Chevrolet executives released information about its truck milestones on LinkedIn. Sales figures are obviously fluid but it is definitely Chevy’s time to shine in the truck arena.

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