Wednesday, May 31, 2023 | 02:58 pm

Through Encouraging Malaysian Brands to Engage in International Trade in the Wake of Covid-19, an NGO Sought to Increase Malaysian Export

Through Encouraging Malaysian Brands to Engage in International Trade in the Wake of Covid-19, an NGO Sought to Increase Malaysian Export

“Malaysia has a lot of excellent products but lacks of marketing and sales channels overseas. Some brands emerged after the Covid-19 pandemic.”, said the President of the Malaysian-Henan Chamber of Commerce (MHCC), Derek Chong. Determined to change the game of Cross-border E-commerce to China, MHCC organized an event in KL Wellness City to attract merchants to onboard with a cross-border e-commerce program. Working together with Henan Gelafood cross-border supply chain management Co, Ltd., Derek said MHCC aimed to help more merchants to be successful in cross-border e-commerce, eyeing the 98.83 million population of Henan market for the Malaysian brands as a stepping stone to the whole China market.

The event started with an Online Forum with Luoyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone key personnel and the Custom Level 4 Senior Officer in Luo Yang. Located at a very strategic geographical location, Luoyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone is accessible to all types of transportation modes and has many logistic advantages over other provinces in China. The officer further explained the different requirements of custom clearance between e-commerce and normal trade. The crowd then proceeded to have simple lunch sponsored by Man Fook and Sister‘s Crispy Popiah showcasing their sambals, chili sauce, rendang paste, and curry paste. The event continued with experience sharing by Celia Teoh, the pioneer merchant in this MHCC initiative, followed by a speech by Derek Chong, and a few words from venue sponsor KL Wellness City Managing Director Dato Sri Vincent Tiew. The event ended with a networking session.

“I had never seen any cross-border e-commerce platform as ready and as serious as Gelafood to put their merchant first, and want to make sure of their merchant’s success.”, said Celia. Babyorganix and Kath & Belle founder, Celia Teoh during her sharing, pointed out her past experiences in cross-border e-commerce. Despite many attempts to penetrate into China market. Celia almost gave up hope until she met with Gelafood and the President of MHCC. Derek further stressed that in order for the initiative to be successful, the merchant has to be successful.

Cross-border e-commerce will be the hope for small and micro businesses in Malaysia. The cost of export will be relatively lower and the chances of success are higher. MHCC will have a series of programs, including the Henan Trade Tour as well as the Merchants Training Program to assist local brands in penetrating to the China Market. Vinfluenzz – Media Made Affordable.