Sunday, May 28, 2023 | 06:19 pm

Government Technology Modernization Efforts Partnered by Verge Technologies and QuantaHub Squared

Government Technology Modernization Efforts Partnered by Verge Technologies and QuantaHub Squared

Verge Technologies, Inc. and QuantaHub Squared have joined forces to bring innovative technology to the government sector. With this partnership, QuantaHub Squared’s digital experts will have access to Verge’s SentientDB, a ground-breaking AI-driven product that provides database management, mobility, and accessibility for both government agencies and commercial businesses across all environments and enables true cloud convergence management. The product will now be available through QuantaHub Squared’s GSA schedule, which includes various contract vehicles for government agencies’ digital transformation needs, such as NITAAC, GSA, NOAA NMITS, DoT SWES, and FAA.

“This partnership is a major milestone for both companies,” said Jimmy Jobe, CEO of Verge Technologies. “The challenges of managing databases in real-time across multiple cloud environments is not unique to government agencies; commercial businesses face the same challenges. SentientDB, with its AI technology, offers a solution that optimizes database performance and mobility across an enterprise’s entire IT landscape to ensure zero downtime for users, processes, and applications.”

SentientDB is the first of its kind to tackle these challenges and has the potential to revolutionize the way the government and commercial sectors manage their databases. The platform will help government agencies make critical business decisions by ensuring that databases are where they need to be when they need to be.

“At QuantaHub Squared, we’re committed to bringing the latest innovations in machine learning, data science, and analytics to the government sector,” said Will Rohde, CEO of QuantaHub Squared. “With this partnership and SentientDB, we can now offer government agencies a comprehensive solution that extends machine learning into the IT environment and provides automation in ways never before possible.”

This partnership represents a major step forward in the government tech modernization efforts, and the combination of Quanta Hub Squared’s expertise in digital innovation and Verge’s cutting-edge technology will no doubt bring about significant benefits for government agencies.