Sunday, May 28, 2023 | 07:45 pm

Independent Research Firm Names SafeGuard Cyber Among Notable Enterprise Email Security Vendors

Independent Research Firm Names SafeGuard Cyber Among Notable Enterprise Email Security Vendors

SafeGuard Cyber, the most comprehensive integrated cloud communications security and compliance platform, today announced its inclusion in Forrester’s report, The Enterprise Email Security Landscape, Q1 2023. Authored by Forrester Senior Analyst Jess Burn, the Landscape provides an overview of notable vendors with purpose-built solutions to help today’s modern business leaders understand the value of enterprise email security and the various vendors by size and market focus.

Forrester listed 34 enterprise email security vendors offering solutions. Enterprise email security solutions defend against targeted attacks such as phishing and can ensure the protection of sensitive data from theft or compromise. SafeGuard Cyber is categorized as a cloud-native API-enabled email security provider in the Landscape.

SafeGuard Cyber launched its CAPES solution in May of 2022. Customers benefit from SafeGuard’s comprehensive approach to secure business communications by gaining protection against phishing attacks, ransomware, domain spoofing, malware, and business email compromise. In addition to offering regulatory and third-party compliance, SafeGuard Cyber protects outbound emails from data loss and secures communication and collaboration environments.

The majority (55%) of business communication continues to be conducted through email. And yet, the remaining 45% signifies that collaboration is happening in third-party channels such as Teams and Slack and even mobile messaging instances such as WhatsApp and social media like LinkedIn. The reality is that these new channels, while embraced for the sake of productivity and collaboration, create new attack vectors for employees and executives to fall victim to malicious cyber activity. SafeGuard Cyber offers unified visibility with cross-channel event correlation to protect more than 30 business channels for email, collaboration, chat, conferencing, social media, and mobile messaging.

“Today’s modern business setting is increasingly complex; with so many communications channels available at an employee’s fingertips, it has become a massive challenge for IT security and risk professionals to adequately handle the looming threat at hand,” said Chris Lehmann, CEO, SafeGuard Cyber. “We’re honored to be a part of Forrester’s Enterprise Email Security Landscape report and yet SafeGuard Cyber’s value proposition goes beyond just email. We can provide security and compliance across the most common channels including M365, Slack, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.”