Thursday, December 3, 2020 | 01:17 pm

Top 5 Considerations for Building a Successful VDI Strategy

Looking for an ideal desktop virtualization solution for your business? Read on to explore the top 5 considerations for creating a winning VDI strategy.

Ever-increasing demands for any time, anywhere access to desktops and applications from various endpoints have disrupted the traditional PC refresh cycle. And IT leaders are looking for ways to:

  • Minimize the time-consuming maintenance tasks
  • Upgrade application performance and data availability
  • Improve end-user experience

Clearly, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has the attention of CIOs but not all virtualization is the same. Because VDI has unique considerations you need to address to achieve the business objectives that the solution promises. This guide here highlights the 5 key considerations and the common pitfalls we may come across when architecting a remote desktop solution.