Sunday, April 11, 2021 | 08:47 pm

ServiceNow’s Essential Guide to Configuration Management

Get insights into building and maintaining an effective configuration management capability in this intuitive and interactive special edition eBook!

In the current IT landscape, visibility into IT infrastructure with modern enterprises is mission-critical. As a matter of fact, IT faces the challenge of consolidating, maintaining, and understanding complex data into a single configuration management database (CMDB). 

For this purpose, the ServiceNow Special Edition eBook underlines useful tips and guidance to enable IT to meet these challenges. With these tips, you can trust your CMDB to be a compliant single system of record for all IT and business-critical processes. 

 In this intuitive eBook, you can understand how to: 

  • Build an effective CMDB 
  • Align your plan to business use cases
  • Gain full visibility of your infrastructure and services
  • Visualize complex data to make better business decisions

Begin your configuration management journey today.