Monday, August 15, 2022 | 06:35 pm

Identifying the 5 Costs of Static Planning


In a rapidly changing environment, businesses are growing at a faster pace. Hence, finance teams need the right tools to navigate change. Read this eBook and find out if your organization is suffering from static planning which is a painful and inefficient process. 

Some alarming signs of static planning:

  • Manually updating numbers
  • Issuing reports and board briefings with “best guess” figures despite verifying numbers 
  • Dreading the next budget cycle
  • Working long hours in managing data and building templates 

Additionally, static planning steals time, invites errors, is not scalable, obstructs insight, and takes away opportunities.

But don’t worry, because the cure for static planning is active planning. Active planning is a collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous process. 


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