Wednesday, January 20, 2021 | 09:37 pm

Build Secure and Compliant Apps You Can Trust on Salesforce Heroku

In this eBook, learn how you can rapidly create and scale customer apps with Salesforce Heroku.

Digital innovation is transforming every industry, business, and individual experience. Mobile apps changed how we work and live. However, as the number of mobile devices and apps has increased, organizations have become vulnerable to cyber-attacks and threats. So, here’s Salesforce Heroku. 

In this Salesforce eBook, explore how Heroku can provide protection from cybersecurity threats by applying security controls and compliance across every layer to make sure customer apps and data remain protected. 

Learn more about: 

  • Introduction to Heroku
  • Secure application design tools
  • Secure dedicated runtimes
  • Trusted data integrations
  • Heroku’s security and trust foundation

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