Saturday, April 10, 2021 | 02:25 pm

5 Sales Secrets Used by Successful Salespeople to Boost Productivity

Know the 5 sales secrets followed by successful salespeople to unleash the power of productivity for overall business growth. Download the Salesforce eBook for deeper insights.

A salesperson’s most productive time is spent on customer engagement. However, there are also critical administrative tasks that need to be fulfilled. Most companies invest a lot of attention coupled with effort and resources to improve overall sales productivity. So, how to ensure high productivity, while also focusing on relationship-building activities? Therefore, in this Salesforce eBook, find 5 highly effective tips followed by successful salespeople for staying productive at all times: 

  1. Start your day on a healthy and productive note 
  2. Allow more time for higher-value activities 
  3. Find ways to block distractions like social media
  4. Prioritize next steps by using data insights
  5. Use AI-enabled automation tools for sales processes

Accelerate productivity with these 5 secrets used by successful salespeople!