Friday, October 23, 2020 | 01:50 am

10 Essential Questions to Incorporate Into a Vendor Risk Profile

In this Panorays’ smart questionnaire, get access to 10 essential vendor security questions that organizations should consider. Dive into this insightful guide to learn more.

In today’s precarious cyber risk environment, it has extremely important for organizations to assess and monitor the security of their vendors, third-party suppliers, and business partners. Hence, to ensure a strong cyber stance, organizations must investigate their vendors’ security policies thoroughly. The initial vetting of any third party begins with a comprehensive security questionnaire. 

So, what are the key concerning questions that should be addressed in a vendor profile?

This Panorays eGuide lists down at 10 most important questions to include in a vendor security questionnaire. These include:

  • Is there vendor support for single sign-on?
  • Does the vendor comply with data security and privacy regulations?
  • Does the vendor have an employee security awareness program?
  • What processes does the vendor implement to identify misconduct?

Therefore, you can create questionnaires using spreadsheets and other tools by leveraging automated systems like Panorays.