Tuesday, November 29, 2022 | 05:15 am

10 Essential Questions to Incorporate Into a Vendor Risk Profile

In today’s precarious cyber risk environment, it has extremely important for organizations to assess and monitor the security of their vendors, third-party suppliers, and business partners. Hence, to ensure a strong cyber stance, organizations must investigate their vendors’ security policies thoroughly. The initial vetting of any third party begins with a comprehensive security questionnaire. 

So, what are the key concerning questions that should be addressed in a vendor profile?

This Panorays eGuide lists down at 10 most important questions to include in a vendor security questionnaire. These include:

  • Is there vendor support for single sign-on?
  • Does the vendor comply with data security and privacy regulations?
  • Does the vendor have an employee security awareness program?
  • What processes does the vendor implement to identify misconduct?

Therefore, you can create questionnaires using spreadsheets and other tools by leveraging automated systems like Panorays.


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