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Downloading iOS 16 Beta? Here’s What You Should Know Before.

The iOS 16 public beta comes with a range of new features. However, there's also a possibility of bugs and a few quirks.

After Internet Explorer, Will We Bid Adieu To Google Hangouts Too?

Google announced that Google Hangouts will be shutting down as of November 2022.

Future Technologies That Can Change Our Lives

Flying cars, moving to mars, traveling to space, and wireless electricity are a few futuristic ideas that we all are excited to witness one day.

CNN+: Everything About This New Streaming Service

CNN+ and answers to the questions hovering around this keyword.

Top 10 Technology Blogs to Follow in 2022

The list of the top 10 technology blogs, which you can follow and read daily to know about the latest and emerging technologies.

Top New Features of ​​Apple’s Next-Generation iOS 15

Released on September 20, Apple's next-generation iOS 15 brings a range of new features and improvements to your iPhone, including an easier way to use Safari, huge upgrades to FaceTime, and much more.

Everything You Need to Know About the New SmartBlock Feature

Firefox 87 recently introduced a SmartBlock Privacy Browsing Feature. Learn all about this feature in this blog.

6 Cool Office 365 Features You Can’t Afford to Miss

Microsoft 365 is the de facto productivity suite for many enterprises. Here are some cool Office 365 features that can make your life easy!

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