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Clubhouse App: The Audio-Only Application That’s Gaining Eyeballs

Yes, the Clubhouse app is a social media application. But it's different! It is an invite-only based audio chat app you can use to...

5 Bizarre Mobile Apps You Didn’t Know About Until Now

Undoubtedly, there are apps for everything and anything today. Here’s a list of the most bizarre mobile apps that will shock you, but in a good way!

These Are the Best Apps of 2020, by Google and Apple

Whether it is the mighty Play Store from Google or the unbeatable App Store by Apple, everyone has announced their “Best Apps of 2020.” Let’s take a look. 

All That You Need to Know About Google’s New Shopping Features

Good news! Google's new shopping features that were recently launched aims to bring the best prices for the products you are looking for.

Here’s the Latest Zoom Updates to Make Your Meetings More Accessible

  Zoom, the most popular videoconference app right now, added several new features recently. To make your virtual meetings more interactive than before, there are...

3 Benefits of Making Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser

Have you tried the new Microsoft Edge Yet? In this post, we’ll be discussing all about the Edge browser. And the benefits that come...

Who Is Winning the Video Conferencing App War?

Ever since the government imposed necessary restrictions, countless employees had to work from home. This led to the requirement of a video conferencing tool,...

Play Games While Downloading Android 12

Android 12, the upcoming OS is rethinking the gaming experience. Read the blog to learn more

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