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Top 7 Reasons to Adopt an Order Management Software

Want to learn the secret behind creating an amazing and stronger customer experience? Order management software is the answer. Read on to explore how.

5 Big Things Coming to the Tech Industry in 2021

From brain chips to superhuman hearing, here's 5 big things coming to the tech industry this year.

Tools Making Boom in the Tech Space

During COVID-19 it took us back for something but it couldn’t hold everything back. In the year 2020, many ventures and start-ups in the...

5 Stepping Stones to Become a Digitally Mature Enterprise

What's all that buzz about digital enterprise? Read on to learn more about digital enterprise and how to become a digitally mature enterprise!

Amazon Zoox Launches Driverless Taxi for the Future

Amazon-owned autonomous vehicle firm Zoox has unveiled an electric, autonomous robo-taxi that is capable of moving at up to 75 mph.

Amazon One Palm Scanner for Effortless Shopping

Amazon introduces the 'Amazon One' palm recognition technology - for easy, convenient, secure, and contactless shopping.

Here’s What OpenSeed’s $25,000 Meditation Pod Offers

Take a loot at OpenSeed's extraordinary meditation pods fit for homes, workplaces, restaurants, spas, airport lounges and many other settings. Curious to know more?

Looking Inside Neuralink and Its Possibilities

Neuralink, the breakthrough technology that was kept highly secretive until 2018, is finally  out in the open. At the end of last month (August...

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