Monday, September 20, 2021 | 04:57 am
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14 Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity in 2020

Here are 14 extremely useful Google Chrome extensions to ehance your online experience and boost your overall productivity.

5G: Everything You Need to Know About the Network of the Future

While 5G phones have already started hitting the shelves of mobile stores, the question is, has the network truly arrived yet? 2020 has been harsh...

3 Benefits of Making Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser

Have you tried the new Microsoft Edge Yet? In this post, we’ll be discussing all about the Edge browser. And the benefits that come...

Loon, the Dawn of a New Era of Internet Service

Loon, a high-altitude balloon network that creates internet access, finally launches commercially. Owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, the project commenced its flight of...

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