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5G: Everything You Need to Know About the Network of the Future

While 5G phones have already started hitting the shelves of mobile stores, the question is, has the network truly arrived yet? 2020 has been harsh...

Top 5 Tips to Master the Art of Using Zoom

So you are a CEO, Director, Manager, Associate, or just any professional who largely depends on using zoom and wants to become a zoom...

5 Market Leaders in Facial Recognition Technology

Get to know the 5 market leaders in facial recognition technology. Gain excellent insights into this technology and see what it holds for the future.

Loon, the Dawn of a New Era of Internet Service

Loon, a high-altitude balloon network that creates internet access, finally launches commercially. Owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, the project commenced its flight of...

Who Is Winning the Video Conferencing App War?

Ever since the government imposed necessary restrictions, countless employees had to work from home. This led to the requirement of a video conferencing tool,...

5 Brilliant Uses of Smart Moon Camera

Smart bulbs, smart fans, smart cameras, and what not! Today one in every 10,000 homes is a ‘Smart Home.' What are smart homes you ask? Smart...

5 Steps to Develop a Digital-First Mindset to Drive Business

Today with digital technology ruling the economy, many companies strive to develop a digital-first mindset. But may somehow end up focusing more on implementing...

6 Customer Service Technology Trends Driving Success in 2020

Follow these 6 customer service technology trends to drive success for your business in 2020

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