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Top New Features of ​​Apple’s Next-Generation iOS 15

Released on September 20, Apple's next-generation iOS 15 brings a range of new features and improvements to your iPhone, including an easier way to use Safari, huge upgrades to FaceTime, and much more.

The 7 Popular PS5 Games To Play In 2021

Nearly a year into the console's life, and the best PS5 games list is starting to take shape. Moreover, If you're one of the...

Microsoft Windows 11 Is Coming. And the Changes Might Stun You.

11 will stun you in terms of design, engagement, and experience.

Need a Permanent Work From Home Solution? Horizon Workrooms Can Help You

What if work from home became a permanent mode of working? What if you may never have to return to your workplace but collaborate...

How Technology is Transforming the Mental Health Sector

Technology and mental health sector? What an odd combination you may be wondering. But here’s how technology is transforming mental health care today.

How Your Future Commute Will Be Changing?

The way you commute is on the verge of making a historic leap. Let’s explore the possibilities of your future commute.

Blurred Lines Between Home And Office Create New Cybersecurity Risks

Work from home is without a doubt one of the major concerns for cybersecurity risks businesses are having today. COVID-19 has transformed how companies operate...

Windows 11 Update: What to Expect From the Latest Build

The buzz is true. Windows 11 will soon hit the markets. And Microsoft's Satya Nadella calls it "one of the most significant updates of...

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