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Big Data

Google’s Antitrust Lawsuit: The Story, the Impact, and the Future

The Department of Justice (DOJ) just slapped Alphabet with Google's antitrust lawsuit in what is considered the biggest lawsuit any tech giant has ever...

Top 9 Big Data Management And Business Analytics Tools

Data is ruling the business landscape. Today, data forms a crucial part of any business strategy because it has the power to drive your...

TikTok Acquisition – Who Are in the Race; Who Might Win

Much has been happening on the TikTok front ever since the Trump Government imposed a ban on it. The Chinese app has gained much...

Spaceship Neptune’s Cosmic Journey Will Take You to the Kármán Line

Florida-based company Space Perspective launches the Spaceship Neptune to give passengers an extraordinary cosmic experience. Isn't that amazing? Find out more!

Zero Trust Security Model, for Zero Security Breaches

Research suggests that by 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually. IT today is responsible for managing a larger attack surface than...

Top Big Data Technologies to Use in 2020

Big data is not simply a term. Growing companies around the world are using these big data technologies to improve business efficiency and productivity.

Coronavirus Vs Big Data

Big data is helping countries around the world map coronavirus spread as well as effectively control it

What to Consider Before Implementing Data Architecture for Your BI and Analytics?

Like other business leaders, are you too wondering how to dive into the big data pool without drowning? Find out how

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