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5 Great Cloud Gaming Services That’s Popular Today

All the gaming fans out there here is some good news for you all! Cloud gaming services are here and it’s going to change...

6 Best Note-Taking Apps to Use in 2020

We’ve put together this list of 6 best note-taking apps that offer a powerful and seamless experience to boost your work productivity. Which one will you choose?

All That You Need to Know About the New IBM Power10 Processor

The much-awaited, one of its kind processor is here! IBM recently unveiled its next-generation processor - the IBM Power10 processor. IBM considers this processor...

7 Financial Services Technology Trends That Everybody is Talking About

For a long time, the new technology market entrants found it difficult to break into the financial services industry. Well, not anymore! The financial...

Top 6 Endpoint Security Tools You May Need Today

Ransomware is a multi-billion-dollar business with its number rising every day. Despite many security efforts, organizations still continue to fall victim to ransomware attacks....

Zero Trust Security Model, for Zero Security Breaches

Research suggests that by 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually. IT today is responsible for managing a larger attack surface than...

Meet the AI-Enabled Salesforce Einstein

Explore the excellent benefits and features of Salesforce Einstein - packed with advanced AI capabilities to meet your daily business needs.

Solving the Pandemic Situation With Cloud Computing Services

If you were asked to name 2 things that you think became most popular during the covid-19 pandemic, what would that be? My answer...

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