“Welcome to your office. This office follows all safety protocols prescribed by WHO to ensure utmost safety and protection. The office has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for your safety and is declared Corona-free, last updated 2 hours ago. Your workstations have been redesigned with social distancing in mind to provide you the maximum safety. Please maintain 6 feet distance, in simple words, almost 2 arm’s length, with the next person, both indoor and outdoor. Use masks, wash your hands regularly, and sanitize your hands and face every time you interact with someone. In case you feel ill or unhealthy, please ping the HR and move to the “Isolation Room” asap. Your office is prepared for all kinds of emergencies. So, go ahead and start your day. Thank you”

That was not the introduction to the blog, but the announcement you will get to hear when you enter your office in your post-pandemic workplaces.

More than 6 months into the pandemic and we are yet to hear about any solid solution in the name of a vaccine. Yes, there are breakthrough claims made by few countries across the world, but nothing has been unanimously accepted. 

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Amid the hullabaloo, the best way to deal with Covid-19 is by learning to live with it. And some companies have already been leading the idea. 

Whether or not the pandemic gets over, one thing is for sure that people are going back to their offices. The offices might not be the same, but people cannot stick to working from homes for the rest of their lives. Post-pandemic workplaces are inevitable.

We surveyed some of the IT offices that are planning to open amid the pandemic and get their ideas. 

Glimpse of your post-pandemic workplaces

Social distancing within and outside the office

That elevators won’t be packed; that common loo won’t be crowded; and that cafeteria would be queue-free. 

As companies start functioning in real offices again, they will be strictly following social distancing norms. As long as safety is the question, following rules might ensue:

  • Not more than 10 people in a conference room
  • No queues at the cafeteria
  • New rules on the use of common rooms

The new workspace of your post-pandemic workplace

For those of you who are wondering about the number of changes, desks and chairs are not going anywhere and that’s for sure. And, open office plans that some of your friends working in different companies used to brag about will surely not be a thing anymore. 

Puppet, an IT automation company from Portland, Oregon is considering the idea of placing 6-foot-long carpets between each workstation to give employees a visible cue of how much space to maintain.

Additionally, there will be:

  • More spaces between desks
  • Added partitions 
  • Multiple sanitation stations; sanitizers for each workstation


No more in-office cafeteria 

(Bad news for the foodies) the kitchen will not be open anymore in your post-pandemic workplaces. Keeping the vending machines and office refrigerators out of reach from employees will be the new mandate. In fact, you might also see more copperware around the office as some experts have found that Coronavirus can’t live for more than 4 hours on copper.

Also, expect the following changes:

  • Food products might not be a self-service option anymore
  • Consumption within the office might be prohibited