The Android operating system ranks as the most popular operating system globally. Android boasts over 28 billion active users, spanning more than 190 countries. It is the dominant platform in many countries and has more than 85 percent market share in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran, and Turkey.

It is interesting to note that over 1 billion Android smartphones were shipped in 2020. Samsung ranks as the largest manufacturer of Android smartphones, closely followed by Huawei and Xiaomi.

Introducing Android 12 

At the recent Google I/O event, Google announced the most recent update to its phone operating system: Android 12. 

Google has packed several new features in its latest OS version, which we shall explore in this blog article. 

The new features range from a new privacy dashboard, tweaks to notifications, and wallpaper and system color changes.

Privacy Dashboard

Google has made concerted efforts recently to improve privacy with Android 12. The search giant’s newest version of the Android operating system introduces a Privacy Dashboard, making it easy for users to see which apps are accessing private data. 

Android 12 adds a new indicator to the top menu bar, to show when an application accesses your camera or microphone. Simply swipe down from the top of your screen to instantly control app access.

Custom color themes for Pixel phones

Android 12’s new color palette feature and redesigned widgets will be a welcome addition to the OS functionality for Pixel phone users.

The dominant color in the wallpapers you choose to feature on your phone screen will be automatically picked and your phone’s system colors will be adjusted. 

The colors will be used for the notification shade, volume controls, widgets, and lock screen.

New double-tap gestures

Google is introducing a new double-tap gesture to trigger user actions. Enabling this feature will allow users to choose various actions to prompt with a double-tap gesture. However, this feature seems to not yet be fully integrated with the OS.

One-handed mode

Android 12 has attempted to keep pace with the growing size of new phone screens. The latest OS from Google introduces a one-handed mode which makes it easier for you to operate a large screen phone. This feature can be accessed from Settings under the Gestures menu option. 


Android 12 also brings a minor change to the way notifications look. Google will surely explore this update further in future OS versions. A blue tint to the notification shade is noticeable for users using a Light theme on their phones. 

Exciting new features always

The Android operating system is by far a very versatile operating system that allows a varied range of features to be introduced and explored on its devices. Each new version of Android’s operating system promises user-centric features that seek to boost engagement on mobile devices.

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