Use of data and AI rose to extreme proportions in 2020, and it is going to dominate 2021 as well. Given all the investment and innovation made in the recent years, there is no surprise AI will see rapid growth this year. 

AI is impacting virtually every industry – and indirectly every human being on the planet. It is deemed as the key driver of every emerging technology such as IoT, Big Data, Analytics, and Robotics. Needless to say, artificial intelligence will act as the platform for all the upcoming future tech. 

According to Amit Sawhney, VP of Services Operations at Dell, “The use of AI and data analytics will become increasingly important in IT as organizations aim to deliver seamless support and predictive capabilities.” 

Some of the most notable names in the tech industry such as Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Satya Nadella, and others constantly talk about how AI is going to shape the future. This translates to only one thing: AI will apply to everything.

Today, we will discuss 2021’s top technologies that will take the use of AI to the next level.

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The fate of e-learning can be interestingly compared with that of digital transformation. While the need of DX was imminent for the industry, nobody took it seriously until COVID happened. The transition to DX was done overnight and companies around the world started operating in flexible environments as a result. 

Similarly, traditional education took a backstage and digitized learning was introduced at a global scale during the pandemic. A boon for the education system, the online learning industry kept teachers and students busy even during the pandemic. From K-12 to degree colleges, every administration is adapting to this new learning model now. 

Innovation is happening fast with the e-learning model. Interactive courses with AI-assisted programming helps learners understand at their own pace. 

AI-optimized machines and hardware

Manufacturing, as an industry, observed the biggest blow during the pandemic. Lockdowns and quarantines forced workforce to stay indoors and factories around the world were shut down. When industries realized the massive amounts of money they were losing each day, they made a prompt move to AI-enabled remote monitoring and assistance.

Industries around the world have adopted this habit of operating tasks optimally with the aid of AI. With AI embedded in each stage of the equipment model, teams now have better insight and control over machine maintenance, failure, and overhaul. 

Companies like Google and Alleviate are also working towards creating AI silicon chips to extract information.

Content creation

Thinking has always been a human capability, and its application is huge in the World Wide Web. From writing blogs to creating videos, content writers play a crucial role, until now. 

The content creation process will get highly automated in the future where AI-enabled machines will easily create unique and fresh content just like a regular human. The concept has already seen the dawn with companies like CBS and USA Today who are currently implementing technology to do most of the thinking.

Electric cars

Self-driving electric cars that were once a dream are now a reality. Elon Musk and his electric car-making company Tesla is helping bring the future to present as fast as possible. Tesla has made immense progress in this platform and has been manufacturing cars at a rapid scale. 

Tesla’s autopilot AI team is helping drive the future of the economy by launching a range of trucks that promise the safest experience ever.  

The promise of a great future and rising concerns of global warming is pushing other automobile leaders to participate in the electric car race too. Brands like Volvo and Volkswagen have already started exploring the concept and promise to manufacture similar cars by the end of 2021.

Workplace AI

According to Forrester, more than 1/3rd of companies will look to AI to manage the current workplace disruption in 2021. From remote employees to office-based, AI will assist all workforce models to execute their work without the challenges of today.