One of Apple’s most intriguing developments in recent years is MagSafe, a wireless charging capability that the company debuted in the iPhone 12. MagSafe chargers instantly align with the back of your iPhone to make and maintain a tight connection, and they can charge an iPhone’s battery twice as quickly as a regular Qi charger. The nicest thing about opting to use a MagSafe-compatible iPhone case is that you don’t lose anything. The same level of protection is offered by MagSafe iPhone cases as by those without it. If you’ve just upgraded to an iPhone that supports MagSafe, or you’re beginning to replace some of your charging cables for this wireless solution, below are the top considerations when deciding which MagSafe case you should get. 

iPhone Size 

Make sure that the case you’re getting is compatible with the device you’ve purchased. IPhone 12 variants, iPhone 13 variants, and iPhone 14 variants are all compatible with the popular MagSafe cases.  

Case Material 

Although many MagSafe cases are made of plastic, it is better to have other considerations for the material. It’s vital to select an iPhone case that complements your aesthetic because you’ll be staring at and caressing it for years. 

Drop Protection 

The primary benefit of using a MagSafe case for your iPhone is to guard against accidental drops damaging it. The distance from which your iPhone can fall without suffering any major damage is listed on several MagSafe cases. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your iPhone’s level of fall damage can be affected by a variety of factors other than height. This includes the surface it strikes, the angle at which it lands, and whether it lands screen-side down. 


Apple keeps making the iPhone smaller, but adding a case will make it bulkier. You’ll need to find your unique ideal balance between size and protection because the most durable MagSafe cases are frequently the largest and heaviest. We weighed each case in this review against the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Your iPhone will weigh less if it is smaller.  

In Conclusion 

We strongly advise you to purchase a case that doesn’t prevent MagSafe from working because it is such a special and cool function. You don’t want to have to pick between keeping your phone in a case and using a brand-new tool as accessory manufacturers start to develop and sell truly fantastic iPhone accessories that work with MagSafe. Additionally, MagSafe charging is so quick that in some circumstances you might be able to convert from wired to wireless charging. By selecting a MagSafe case for your iPhone, you won’t lose anything, and the benefits keep increasing. 

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