So you are a CEO, Director, Manager, Associate, or just any professional who largely depends on using zoom and wants to become a zoom pro. Don’t worry, we’ll make you that in no time.

Ever since the Covid-19 struck and people were forced to stay indoors, it was apps like Zoom that kept business going. Their flawless virtual conferencing features allowed businesses to continue with minimum disruption.

Out of the many video conferencing apps available, Zoom continues to top the charts. Its user base goes well above 300 million+, last updated April 2020.

What makes Zoom so popular is its ease of use. The company makes the virtual meetings app so easy that it became the first choice of most non-digital education systems around the world. Lesser complexity and loads of controls give people everything they need to communicate in depth. The app makes interaction as closer to a physical one-on-one as possible. This is one reason you will love using Zoom whether you signed up recently or been a user since January.

Coming back to the topic, there are ways to master Zoom and make your meetings a thing to remember. Let’s have a walkthrough.

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Top 5 ways to master zoom


Remove that clutter first

Ever since you got home-stuck, with a full-time job, and family to take care of, your home was of course messy.

Only Zoom knew that feeling. And its futuristic vision in designing the feature long before is applaudable.

The best thing that Zoom came up with, and probably the favorite of everyone, is virtual background. A unique feature, virtual background allows you to take any incoming call regardless of the place or space you might be in.

virtual backgrounds

The feature allows you to seamlessly change your real background from anything to a Mars’ landscape or “The Caribbean beaches of Nicaragua.” And that doesn’t end here. Instead of a picture, you can put up a short, live video of the beach which will keep playing on loop to keep your spectators from deciphering your actual location.

How to apply virtual background in Zoom? Follow this link >>


Look more perfect

Yes, we all are working from home, but we can’t stay dressed up or look picture-perfect all the time. It’s a habit that hasn’t come to all of us naturally yet. But you would still want to look great in front of your colleagues during your virtual meetings.

Enter “Touch up my appearance”, a beauty mode that helps you remove dark spots and smooth out your skin, remove dark circles, enhance your tone to look your best.

Borrowed from the beauty mode of selfie cameras concept, it is one unique feature that allows you to look best – naturally.

zoom beauty feature

How to “Touch up my appearance” in Zoom? Follow this link >>

Use the power of ‘Mute’

The key to every great conversation is a good protocol. Zoom allows you to take control of your conversation on your hands even before the meeting has begun.

Look for the “Mute microphone when joining a meeting” option.

Enabling this option turns every member’s mic on mute when they join the designated conversation.

The sudden burst of mic or background noise is highly impolite, but often non-intentional. Zoom thought the best way to tackle the issue. Smart one, Zoom.

How to enable “Mute microphone when joining a meeting” option in Zoom? Follow this link >>


Know them by their names

Yes, it’s a very simple feature, but has a great impact. Today, when the entire company of 500 comes to a Town Hall meeting, you can’t possibly remember each person’s name. This becomes even more difficult when the company is spread across countries.

IT culture is obsessed with the “call-me-by-my-first-name” thing, and you don’t want to seclude yourself from that.

Zoom makes it easy with the “Always display participant’s name on videos,” feature.

Whether you are chatting globally or about to meet that new prospect who has shown interest in your product, with this feature you can never forget their names.

How to “Always display participant’s name on videos” in Zoom? Follow this link >>

Get a customized Zoom workstation

If you think this will be an ongoing thing and you can invest a little in yourself, Zoom has a great product.

A future that is uncertain and filled with zoom meetings is not going away too soon. So, unless you are a big believer, having a customized workspace would be another step towards mastering Zoom.  

Zoom for Home

Zoom for Home – DTEN ME is a super-thin, all-in-one collaboration device custom-built to provide close-to-real in-office experience.

The device comes with 8 microphones, an array of smart cameras, and a touch screen with annotation and whiteboarding capabilities. In short, you will be using Zoom similar to others, but 10x better.