During COVID-19 it took us back for something but it couldn’t hold everything back. In the year 2020, many ventures and start-ups in the tech field with exciting new solutions.

There are some of the tools related to which have slowed down the migration of COVID-19 and its variants. Many of those tools are slowing down the effectiveness of COVID-19 on technology startups. These tech tools help workers and employees feel less isolated, more advanced, and beyond-belief productive. All the innovations have one thing in common: the usage of the latest technologies to improve our working life. 

There are a few types of the tech stack that might help to build and join our team. Some of those technologies tools are:

Tech-communication Tools

In the last few months, deskless work has become more prevalent than traditional in-office work. Many of our marketing employees are not working from the desk. They mostly use their cell-phones or mobiles to stay connected with their clients and colleagues. Mostly we use it to convey the information to our client by creating a group of clients and then sending them the message. But, this is not the correct way to communicate with clients. As you don’t know, is there any client or any colleague who left the industry who is working with your competitor now? 

So, to eliminate this problem of communication in the industry. Many systems came in the market which is highly advanced employee communication systems. These operate from the cloud-based, encrypted environment, allowing companies to keep restraint and confidentiality. Also, this will not restrict employee collaboration. 

This means deskless employees can share the information or important data and keep updated their clients to the latest company information. 

Recruiting, Sourcing, and Hiring Tools

In many MNCs, since lockdown starts employees are working remotely. But people are not staying in their positions for long. Many of them are trying for further opportunities to better their career opportunities. In all these things the problem arises for small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses aren’t accustomed to remotely assessing, choosing, and training employees.

To take out the organization from this problem, many tech-based tools have been evolved to save human resources personnel and hiring departments. Many cloud-based recruiting platforms can read and select thousands of resumes in a minute. 

This will save a lot of time and energy. Not only this, these hiring tech tools can chat, grade pre-interview tests, make recommendations, and disseminate offers.

Customer Engagement Management Systems 

In the past 12 months, self-sufficiency has become more appealing to the customers. Nowadays people want to solve their problems all alone and make their own choices whenever it’s possible. This time when people are away from the face to face contacts it has created a proliferation of omnichannel customer engagement management solutions.

From the first day of any customer till their last day, customer engagement encompasses every part of the customer journey. Before organizations are not that worried to lose their customers if they will not serve them 24X7. But it’s not like that now, customers are seeking attention from the organizations whenever they want. 

Now when almost every organization is working virtually, every organization has to dabble with the use of AI chatbots. As per the requirements, chatbots can fetch information for customers and serve as gatekeepers 24X7. An organization that is connecting with their customers 24X7 with the help of any smarter customer engagement management portals gets the advantage of being available anytime. 

Leverage Robotic Devices

In today’s technology world of robots and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are coming up rapidly, mostly in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. With the help of drones, organizations can keep their employees safe. Leveraging robotic machines can help in repetitive work and save time, money, and energy. They can even work the warehousing tasks and keep the products safe under surveillance. 

But there is a problem some people are worried that robots will take over their jobs, many are becoming more conventional to seeing robotic machines. For instance, many package food industry is using robotic machines which can perform packaging and manufacturing of package food. 

Many organizations are concerned about sanitation in their workplaces. Using robots to enhance their work quality and will also help in decreasing infection at the workplace. 

Likewise, technology has always helped us to move safely and flexibly. Now in this pandemic time also tech advancements tend to make our life better.