Google with over 500 million users, Google assistance is the most popular virtual assistance people are using. In the past few years, Google has added dozens of new features to the assistant from which many are hidden under the surface or not well known. 

Google assistance has been announced in 2016 so, you can learn many tips about it. From setting alarms and timers to looking up definitions and asking questions. 

But there are a number of skills developed for Google assistance and you may not know them so far. 

Before we dive further into this, just keep in mind that you need to put “hey Google” or “OK Google” ahead of each of these commands.

1.  Take Screenshots

The feature is popular for almost all mobile phones. Taking a simple screenshot on your android phone, however, you can’t use this one on the other devices compatible with Google Assistant—yet.

2. Listen to Podcasts

Like any other organization, Google also keeps its podcasts. To listen to podcasts you need to say “play the latest episode from…” followed by the name of the podcast and there you go.

3. Have a Huge Photo Gallery

Open Google photos on a pixel phone, you can tell Google Assistance to “show my picture of…” the place name for instance “show my pictures of Paris” and a particular landmark. Rest you can set further such as some theater so you can adjust the command to adjust as per your travel. 

4. Find Your Phone

This feature of Google Assistance will work with smart speakers and smart displays. Speak “find my phone” and your phone will start ringing. Even when your phone is on silent as long as it’s an Android phone signed in to the same Google account as your speaker or display.

5. Control Your Apps

With Google Assistance, you can interact with many apps on Android, which include Facebook, Instagram, Outlook, Discord, and Spotify. With Google voice assistance commands like “search for candles on Etsy ” or “send money in Venmo” to save some clicks and taps on the screen. Another command you can use is “show my shortcuts’ ‘ to see all the available ones based on the apps, you’ve got installed.

6. Read Any Webpage Out Loud

If you love to read and hate scrolling through the visual clutter and other distractions like unwanted advertisements. Then Assistance can read out just about any article on the internet — whether it’s from an established publication or a small blog. 

For this, you need to open the article and bring up Assistance and say “read this article” or “read this page”. After a second or two it will automatically start playing an audiobook. 

7. Ask Questions Based on Your Screen’s Context

Assistant’s one of the best cooler features is its ability to interpret context based on the contents of your screen. If you are on a tweet or any other conversation that you want to know additional information about, just bring up the Assistant and ask a question. For example; I asked Google Assistant for price information without specifying a product.