Because of the pandemic, mostly all the people are working from home for the first time in their working life. This only becomes possible because of technology. On a regular basis you have used technology but how will you use it to make it easier to work remotely?

Here are a few tech tips and tricks or hacks from the employees and career coaches which will make work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic easier and more fun.

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Use Different Apps for Meetings:

Many enterprises are using Hangout, Slack, Zoom, and other text-based communication software. The coaches guide organizations to use this application for video conferencing. These video conferencing applications help to record meetings, share files, chat, and many other options. 


Recreate Office Environment at Home:

Outside of meetings, these applications can also be used to recreate some appearance of being in the office. It’s not only efficient for the meeting but can do group chats, and discuss problems in groups and many more. Discussing anything in private chats is like whispering into someone’s ear but discussing in the team room is discussing it equally. As the ability to listen to conversations and likely contribute is the most important thing missing in WFH.


Create Training & Presentation Videos

Another use of these video conferencing applications is recording video meetings and sharing video files with ease. This helps for future training purposes and is valuable when in-person training is impossible. 

After the COVID effect in the industry, these applications become feasible to access and cost-effective. You can do many things with their free versions. They have also reduced prices for the paid version and even eliminated fees for the education sector. 


Share Files Easily

Sharing data and files become easy with the help of Google Drive, Slack, and Zoom file charging options. You just need to share the files with your colleagues or subordinated or anyone else and they can easily access the files without any hassle. Likewise, more than one person can work on a document or files at the same time. 

It’s made easy sharing and when you want to get suggestions on something you can easily access and do the same. 


Make Your Calendar Marked and Visible

Installing Google calendar will help you to schedule your work and meetings. It will also reflect the meeting to your subordinated when you are in a meeting if they try to message you. You can also turn on Calendar notifications to receive information when your next calendar event is about to start.

These few tips and tricks which you can use to make your work from home easy and efficient. As we have passed a huge time of pandemic and improve our effectiveness and reduce or eradicate troubles. But some staff had not worked remotely before. Some did not have laptops or remote access configured for the company’s infrastructure. 

When we are working from home the most things we need to keep in mind is when to work, where to work, and how to create boundaries between work and personal life. These are the few basic things that we need to keep in mind while working remotely.