Are you also an Android lover?

If yes, then great! 

Android is the most popular and usable device in the world, because of its open-source nature. Users love Android for its better features and customization options, but sometimes it becomes confusing for them to understand it. As Google is updating on a mostly daily basis and brings new tweaks and features for Android and OEMs for instance brands like Samsung and LG can add their stuff on top of that.

Before we begin, a quick note: Android phones come in a wide variety of brands, models, and versions. This will make it more difficult to find features that are there on all devices available in the market.  It can be hard to stay up, so we’ve assumed the best tips for your Android phone right here.

Configure Your Lock Screen

Android phones available in the market offer various forms of secure lock screens. Many devices will prompt you to do the setup now, and you should. The default security options are PIN, pattern, and password. Most of the phones offer fingerprint and face lock which will probably be the quickest way to unlock your device. To lock your lock screen, you can move to system settings, and find the Security menu. Many android phones have a separate lock screen menu. 

Disable/Uninstall Bloatware

Many Android applications come with inbuilt applications that you won’t keep around. Luckily you deal with these issues these days. Some pre-installed applications can be uninstalled by using the play store feature or finding it in the settings menu. However, anything that is part of your phone system cannot be removable. In this case, you can disable those applications in the settings and find the app in your list. On the right side of the application, there will be a disable menu that removes it from your app list and prevents it from running in the background.

Find Your Phone

Generally, we lost track of our phones all the time. Maybe we kept it in the room and looked at it in the living room. Don’t go crazy looking for your phone next time, just use Google’s  “Find my phone” tool. You just need to log in to your Google and select your missing phone option from the drop-down menu. Google will reach out to you and show where it is. With this tool, you can also ring the phone, and if it’s in silent mode. If any worse comes you can erase your phone with the help of a tool to save your data. 

Make Sure Your Photos Back Up

There is nothing more hurtful than breaking or losing a phone and it will become worse when you will realise your photos are not backed up. To avoid this type of problem simply log in to the Google Photos app and follow the steps to enable auto-backup. The app mode is high-quality and has unlimited space. This will compress your photos but they will look. But if you want to save your photos in their original format then use your Drive storage space. You get 15GB of free space and can buy more as well.

Google Assistant

Have you set up Ok Google? If not the make it enables on your phone and you’ve got two ways to access the Google Assistant. To access Google Assistant, use Ok Google or long-press the home button. This feature is not coming in almost all android devices. It starts rolling out to all Android phones running Marshmallow or higher. 

There Is Even More…

These are some tips and tricks for Android phone users which they can implement and make their experience even better. Though, this is just the beginning. There are many more to discover in Android, and every device is a little different. So, don’t be scared to push around in the deep, dark corners of the settings and see what you can find.