How far could handwashing go? If you ask Meritech, a colorado-based company vested in hygiene solutions, they will let their newly designed fully-automated handwashing machine do the talking.  

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The next-gen handwashing solution

CleanTech®, is a range of automatic handwashing stations, by Meritech. The unit features stainless steel, the watertight cabinet where all you need to do is insert hands into 2 cylindrical inlets. Once your hands are in, the machine gushes out water and soap from 40 nozzles. The system delivers clean, pathogen-free, and 99.9% germ-free hands in a 12-seconds wash using 75% less water. 

Ever since the pandemic broke out, hand washing has never been the same at all. The only advice that every expert – irrespective of the region of the country they belong – give is: wash your hands. Coronaviruses – which have now affected more than 5,194,456 people – are generally cased in a layer of fat. Soap breaks apart that lipid envelope and washes off the virus. 

A 2013 research observed 3700 people and how they used public restrooms. As per the inference, only 5% were watchful about properly washing their hands – 33% didn’t even care to use soap. 

For a population like that and a new virus on the loose, this new handwashing technology is nothing less than a savior. 

Michael Colbert, VP Sales and Marketing at Meritech says, “Now it is possible to install CleanTech automated handwashing systems, that guarantee clean hands, in more places on ships, in hospitals, in schools and any facility or location with space constraints.”

What makes it a favorite among industries?

These are no-touch handwashing stations – another reason why the machine will be seen more in public spaces. Rules of social distancing and proper hand hygiene will make its usage more popular. 

Public spaces that need to put hygiene best practices in place have a lot of scope for this technology. Places like malls, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, and offices need to maintain proper hygiene. They can’t afford to promote any kind of contamination even if people are not very much aware. Installing a handwashing machine in place of regular sinks can bring down contamination spread and make the hand sanitation process lightning fast.

Matt Stanley, the general manager of a grocers group that operates 200 stores nationwide, says, I think it is a machine that people will start to see more in public now that the pandemic is here. We certainly want to minimize traffic to the bathroom, I think was a part of it. And we also want it to be really front and center. And something easy that people could do.”

Meritech’s handwashing stations have been in use for long, usually in healthcare facilities. According to Meritech CEO David Duran, “Before the coronavirus, handwashing stations like these were mostly used at healthcare facilities and food production facilities across the US that have higher hygiene standards.”

Other costs and installation charges

In the US, the cost of producing and assembling these machines can come anywhere around $3000 to #27,000 as per industry size and equipment type. 

Being an industry leader in employee hygiene automation solutions, Meritech hasn’t stopped at handwashing only. The company has an entire range of footwear sanitization systems for dry and semi-dry facilities. 

These one-of-its-kind solutions were ideal for use in food processing and other dry-environment industries. However, Covid-19 has made it a crucial sanitization tool for all kinds of industries. 

Other variants of the completely touch-free handwashing systems come with integrated warm air dryers. This helps greatly reduce paper towel waste and makes hand drying more tech-driven.

Michele says, “More and more people want to improve their impact on the environment by reducing waste. Meritech has worked hard to provide our customers with products that greatly reduce water and soap usage, wash waste discharge, and paper towel waste.”

CleanTech® is available in wall mount designs too for high use areas. Otherwise, they can be easily installed on any type of surface to make handwashing as easy and convenient as it can get.