What if work from home became a permanent mode of working? What if you may never have to return to your workplace but collaborate and continue working remotely? Social Media giant, Facebook, is contemplating this model and planning to bring it to fruition with a unique app.

Horizon Workroom app s the current buzzword in the tech world. It is Facebook’s brainchild that will transform the way people attend online meetings or work from home. With no end to the pandemic yet, remote work culture may continue longer than imagined. Facebook is capitalizing on that with Horizon Workrooms, its new virtual reality office meeting software.

What is Horizon Workroom?

As per Facebook’s press release, “Workrooms is our flagship collaboration experience that lets people come together to work in the same virtual room, regardless of physical distance.” The main idea is to let people interact with their colleagues remotely in a simulated, 3D conference room. The software, though free to use now, might require you to buy Facebook’s Oculus 2 headsets for a complete experience. Thus, you can have an enhanced work-from-home experience every day.

How Horizon Workroom Fosters Work From Home?

Horizon Workroom comes with several attributes. This includes a mixed-reality desk, hand tracking feature, keyboard tracking, video conferencing, spatial audio, remote desktop streaming, and new Oculus Avatars. You can relive your office moments and enjoy the workplace ambiance with your colleagues, even though you’ll be miles away from them physically.

What’s so Cool About Horizon Workrooms?

Horizon Workroom undoubtedly offers some cool features that will make you fall in love with the app. Firstly, you can join a meeting in virtual reality as an avatar or dial into a virtual room from your computer via video call. You can also use the virtual whiteboard feature to present your ideas to your colleagues.

Another interesting aspect is that you do not have to leave behind your desk or regular tools. Horizon Workroom gives you a mixed reality feeling where you can include your physical desk and a compatible keyboard into the room. You can use the virtual table available in front of you and feel as if you are sitting with your colleagues at the same table.

Secondly, you will experience something called spatial audio technology. This allows you to hear sounds realistically, depending on the direction you sit. Moreover, there are several customization options for avatars that you can explore and choose one that allows you to be more expressive and natural.

Next, there is a virtual whiteboard that you can use to explain concepts or share ideas with your colleagues. Along with that, you can pin images from your workstation, scribble your thoughts on the whiteboard either, and keep the board as long as you wish to.

Lastly, you can also configure the layout of the virtual room, use your hands instead of controllers for a more realistic experience. Join any virtual room by dialing into it via video call to attend meetings as you like. You can also sync your Google or Outlook calendars to discuss for future meetings, etc.


Overall, work from home can be fun and interesting with Horizon Workrooms. Along with Facebook, other tech giants are also building such VR apps to enable remote working. No wonder technology has a solution to every given problem.

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