Smart bulbs, smart fans, smart cameras, and what not! Today one in every 10,000 homes is a ‘Smart Home.’

What are smart homes you ask?

Smart homes are exactly what it sounds like – really smart! What if all the devices in your home are connected to the internet? That is not just your computers and mobile devices, but everything – including TV, speakers, lights, fans, cameras, windows, window blinds/curtains, hot water appliances and so on…And that you could operate these devices from anywhere and anytime via the internet. Isn’t that amazing?

What makes all of this possible? 

Answer: Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT today is not only ruling the business world but is changing the way we look at home. It has made what we term as home automation or smart homes – a real thing! That is, you can control items around your home, be it a fan, light, window shades, and so on with just a simple push of a button on your smart device (mobile, tab, or laptop) or just a voice command will also do the trick. Some activities like setting up a lamp to turn on and off as and when you want are simple and inexpensive. However, when it comes to advanced surveillance cameras – it definitely requires some serious investment of both time and money.

Let’s talk more about smart cameras and their uses. Cameras today have advanced and evolved beyond one’s imagination. There are many smart cameras available in the market today. In fact, the options are so many that we may often get lost in them. 

With smart security cameras, residents can monitor their homes when they are away or on vacation. Smart motion sensors present in these cameras can quickly identify the difference between residents, visitors, pets, and burglars. Not just that, they can even notify authorities if suspicious behavior is detected. 

Among many cameras out there in the market – we have identified the Moon smart camera as the best among the rest. The reason is simple – it’s a simple device with numerous uses. 

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Let’s look at its amazing features:

The Moon is a levitating 360-degree smart camera with day- and night-vision-capabilities, wireless charging, cloud storage, and numerous sensors to monitor everything that’s happening in your house. The Moon also integrates seamlessly with your very own Internet of Things (IoT) and your smart home devices. It combines amazing features with a revolutionary design:

  • It’s a smart home hub that’s integrated with ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE & IR Blaster
  • It is Bluetooth smart
  • It has a built-in voice and noise recognition
  • Stabilized levitation with wireless charging. That is, it can smoothly rotate in any direction for a full 360-degree scan of its surroundings 
  • 360° day & night vision with sound direction detection technology
  • Comes with temperature, CO2, humidity and light sensors
  • Fully stabilized and remotely controllable
  • No wires, no setup and no installation required
  • Levitates smoothly without a noise
  • Includes 2 microphones for noise-cancellation
5 Brilliant Uses of Smart Moon Camera
Night vision view from the smart Moon camera

Let’s look into how this eye-ball sized smart Moon camera can work as a perfect solution to your modern-day problems. Let’s uncover the different uses of smart Moon camera one by one.

5 brilliant Uses of Smart Moon Camera

1. One camera: 360-degree view with voice chat option

The camera sphere encasing the wide-angle lens is made of aluminum, plastic, and rubber. It can detect, rotate, and start recording automatically when it senses sound or motion in the room. It also includes a speaker and three noise-canceling microphones that can be used for voice chat.

2. Allows you to upload photos/videos:

You can automatically upload photos or videos to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t you worry – it provides a solution for that as well. That is it allows you to opt for storage on your own FTP servers or microSD card etc. Thereby ensuring absolute privacy.

3. Enables remote monitoring

The smart Moon camera device can be controlled remotely with the free Moon commander app, letting you keep an “eye” on things when you’re away from the house. Not just that, it also allows you to unite your home and office appliances into your very own Internet of Things.

Also, you can automate your daily routines with the Moon Commander app to make the most out of your free time. Moreover, on detecting a movement or noise, the smart Moon camera will automatically rotate towards it, take a snapshot or respond in a predefined way. 

In addition, the camera can be removed from its base and can be magnetically attached to any metal surface. Also, the wireless charge allows five hours of HD video streaming without any glitches.

4. Absolute security

Its customizable guard mode will help keep both your home and office safe and secure. For instance, by integrating a home alarm, or using the built-in Presence Simulation tool that occasionally switches lights or other devices on or off as if someone was home. Also, you can take direct control of the camera to record a video, take a snapshot, or communicate two-way at any time.

Not just that, with its voice recognition feature, it can also tell you who comes home and when. Using an integrated IR blaster and Bluetooth, you can also use the smart Moon camera to control all your legacy appliances through the app. Also, it features a revolutionary stabilized 360° levitation technology. This enables easy integration of modern smart home and legacy devices into your personal Internet of Things. The smart technology used in the Moon provides for a noiseless, jerk-free, and fully controllable levitation that has no equal on the consumer market.

5. Converts itself into an interactive webcam as per your need

You can also connect the smart Moon camera to a conference application of choice and even use it as an interactive webcam. High-quality speakers and noise-canceling microphones ensure that you truly are a participant in any meeting, not just an observer. Thus making a video chatting with your family or working together with colleagues abroad an absolutely easy and smooth affair. 

Final words

Cameras are becoming more and more common in smart homes, and the Moon today is considered as the world’s most innovative Smart Home Solution by the leading tech experts. The uses of the smart Moon camera are many. It can control and monitor your home for you. It can connect/sync with your other home devices with great ease. For instance, the smart moon camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It uses ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Smart, and an IR blaster to interact with your home devices. Without a doubt, it is the best solution for all your modern-day woes – be it for the purpose of security, decor, or just for the sake of simplifying your life.