Windows users, get your PCs ready. 

Microsoft is soon going to launch its next operating system – Windows 11- for the world. The world leader in operating systems announced earlier this year in June about the new OS update. Microsoft was also quick in announcing that it will end its support for Windows 10 in 2025. 

While the nuances of this new OS are yet to be revealed completely by Microsoft or blogging websites where self-established gadget experts leak tech secrets, people have been busy with their own research and investigation. 

We tracked some wannabe Sherlocks (the digital version of course) and got them to divulge the changes that are coming with Microsoft 11. It wouldn’t be wrong if we said the revelations that we are about to make in this blog might stun you. 

So Windows lovers, we know you are excited about all the changes that are coming with the upgrades. We also know that you’ll be among the first to experience it in real time when it comes (if you are a Windows user). But wouldn’t you like to take a sneak peek at this moment? We know you do. And here they are.

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A small change in logo. A big change in meaning.

Microsoft’s logo is one of the most visible visuals in the world of marketing. The Windows logo has stayed with the organization since its advent, yet has evolved over the years. However, this time Microsoft designers were needed to bring new life into Windows. 

Windows 10 wallpaper was a heavily branded logo, but the upgrade will not be such. Instead, it’s something completely out-of-the-windows. 

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Microsoft’s Brand Manager Vincent talks about how the new wallpaper clearly explains what Windows and Microsoft stands for. The concept of ‘bloom’ for the finalized wallpaper has its own significance, and something that would definitely make users say, “Yeak, I like it. Yeah, that’s Windows,” in the words of Vincent, 

More Xbox tech

Gamers, you are in for a treat.

11 takes gaming to a whole new level. You will explore graphic capabilities that will rival existing standards. 

What’s more? You get an Xbox game pass to freely access over 100 high-quality games. Get ready to discover your next favorite Xbox game for free with this exclusive pass for a limited time.

Revamped Microsoft Store

Microsoft has worked intensively on discoverability this time. The result: now you can find apps, games shows, and movies more effortlessly than before. 

“Windows has always been about apps and experiences. The new store is about finding that content faster,” says Rikki, Program Manager.

In summation, it can be said that your new Windows OS will stun you in terms of design, engagement, and experience. But, it’s not here yet. The update will be rolling out later this month. Stay tuned to the Microsoft website to upgrade when it rolls out.