Salesforce Einstein is a set of advanced AI capabilities that helps users get smarter insights from their data to deliver personalized customer experience. It integrates AI technology with Salesforce’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM to provide predictive analytics using natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, and machine learning (ML).  Salesforce acquired companies like MetaMind, Implisit Insights, and PredictionIO to help build the Salesforce Einstein. Launched in 2016, this AI service made  Salesforce one of the smartest CRM platforms in the world, bringing the power of AI to every user. Therefore, with Salesforce’s AI offering, every customer interaction is faster, smarter, and highly predictive. 

Benefits of Using Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a self-intelligent tool to identify business insights. Einstein’s benefits are listed below:

  • Automates manual data entry as well as workflow based on predictive analysis.
  • Enables managers to evaluate the trends for the growth of the sales pipeline and provides a list of opportunities to work on. 
  • Provides top-quality benefits to sales managers in terms of forecasting sales and revenue. 
  • Integrates AI into business functions such as Sales, Service, Commerce, and Marketing Cloud, thereby, making it an inherent part of the Salesforce UI. Hence, every business can leverage AI across a spectrum of functions, roles, and industries.

Platforms of Salesforce Einstein 

Here are some ways by which Salesforce Einstein can bring the power of AI to your day-to-day business operations:

Sales Cloud Einstein: Offers features such as Activity Capture, Lead Scoring, and Insights on Opportunity, Accounts, & Contacts. These help sales representatives to get the right leads and increase conversions.

Service Cloud Einstein: Transforms the customer service experience by enabling Salesforce contact centers to automatically extract real-time customer insights, by using a combination of AI and ML capabilities.

Marketing Cloud Einstein: Helps in generating campaigns by predicting and recommending content as per the customer requirements. Moreover, Salesforce Einstein predicts the optimal audience channel, timing, and content for marketing messages. 

Community Cloud Einstein: Recommends the right content for the target audience.  It leverages AI to develop customized feeds, recommend articles, and other content pieces. 

Analytics Cloud Einstein: Optimizes the ability of your CRM to analyze billions of data points to generate predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations. This feature automates and prioritizes the next insight you need to know. 

Commerce Cloud Einstein: Recommends the right products at the right time, thereby increasing order value with excellent features. Mobile site reference, architecture blueprints, order management, Google Android Pay integration, and predictive Sort are some examples.

Salesforce IoT Einstein: Combines Einstein and IoT in one platform to build an AI predictive model. This model is used to automate and predict events and enable end-users to act on their most important insights.   

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Key Features of Einstein

Salesforce Einstein features are unlocked at different price points falling into four main categories:

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Computer vision
  • Automatic speech recognition

Broadly, the key features include:

Voice Input and Output: Leverages AI to listen to what the users speak and similarly acts as your ears. It can also talk back to the users rather than just displaying the relevant information on a screen.

Natural Language Understanding: Understands what the users are saying by identifying keywords and deciphering the meaning of those words to respond accordingly. Furthermore, Salesforce’s AI cloud has Einstein Language, which is currently made of two services: Einstein Intent and Einstein Sentiment.

Intelligent Interpretation: It can predict user behavior based on an analysis of past behavior, demographic profile, and context.

Visual Identification: The latest application of Einstein AI is the visual identification of great white sharks near beaches in Southern California. This helps oceanographers to keep beaches safe, protect the populations of great white sharks, and help people learn to share the waves with the wildlife.

Customized Models: This involves creating your own data set based on what your custom model needs to do. Also, training your model, and using it for prediction. Furthermore, these custom models are integrated within workflows, be it a Salesforce workflow or an external application.

Salesforce Einstein – Everyone’s Data Scientist

Final Words

The development of Salesforce Einstein Platform empowers organizations of any size or structure to build AI-enabled applications and smart assistants with the help of intelligent services and tools. Hence, this intelligent system enhances brand reputation and retains customer loyalty. Uniquely, with its sophisticated features, Einstein is not a standalone solution but a wholesome Salesforce service.