As far as recent inventions go, the benefits of 3D printing make it one of the most promising technologies. The additive technology is one of the most significant advantages of 3D printing. It opens a whole new way to create products. Also, it offers a lot of advantages compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Today, more companies in various industries are embracing the 3D printing process. It presents many significant benefits over the more traditional manufacturing methods of subtractive manufacturing and injection molding.

So, let us check out the top five reasons to invest in 3D printing. 

Cost reduction

For any business, cost reduction is essential and one of the advantages of 3D printing. It will help bring those costs down. Manufacturing costs are split into three different categories known as: 

  • Machine operation costs: The ability to develop and create complex parts and products in one step creates increased efficiency and saves time. 
  • Labor costs: Each 3D printer will require an operator to start the machine and start the automated process of creating the uploaded design.
  • Material costs:  In comparison to traditional methods, the overall cost is a lot lower.

Reduce waste with additive manufacturing

Many parts are built using CNC machining processes in the automotive industry. Known as subtractive manufacturing, parts start out as a solid block of aluminum or steel. Different tools remove material until the final part emerges. 

The biggest problem with this type of manufacturing is the waste generated during the process. Metal shavings need to be collected, cleaned, and recycled, adding both time and cost. Cooling fluids, which reduce heat and friction during machining, are also costly and require recycling. The 3D printing process eliminates much of this clean-up saving time and reducing waste.

Speed effective

One of the main advantages of additive manufacturing is the speed at which parts can be produced compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Complex designs can be uploaded from a CAD model and printed in a few hours. The benefit of this is the rapid verification and development of design ideas.

Rapid prototyping 

Using 3D printing equipment, you can create prototypes within a couple of hours. Thanks to this, the design process speed is considerably increased. This means you can have the parts in a few hours and be ready for the next project.

Furthermore, you can cheaply and quickly create a new prototype with every design modification, unlike the expensive and lengthy prototype machining process. 

Freedom of design & complexity

One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is the freedom of design. You can recreate all your ideas to transform them into actual objects. Even the most complex geometries can be printed. 

While using 3D printing you will be released from restrictions imposed by traditional manufacturing. Creating a design for a layer-by-layer process such as 3D printing is also a bit different. Therefore, a 3D design created for injection molding will not be adapted for 3D printing, for example. 

Closing thought

3D printing has changed manufacturing. With the unparalleled ability to increase speed-to-market, lower costs and customize specialty parts, it is driving innovation and sparking new technologies. Considering how large the impact has been since its debut, we can surely expect the benefits of 3D printing to keep expanding over time.

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