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Keep Your Browsing Safe with 4 Best Security Extensions


Browsing the internet is a common activity for everyone. It is used for both business and pleasure, as well as for staying in touch with friends and family. However, there are risks involved with using the internet, just like anything else in life. One of the best ways to protect against these risks is by using browser security extensions.  

These days, keeping your browsing activity secure is more important than ever. The best approach to protect your online behavior is to use a browser security plugin. Browser security add-ons can shield you against fraud, malware, and other online dangers. They can enhance your privacy by preventing trackers and ads. 

Here are the four best browser security extensions to consider.  

1. Guardio 

The security add-onextension Guardio is accessible on both Chrome and Edge. Although it has many functions, its major focus is to stop harmful pop-ups and advertisements. If you try to access a website that is known to be hazardous, it will also alert you. By maintaining the security of your online activities, Guardio defends you against viruses and fraud. You don’t have to worry about anything when using the internet, even whether or not to click on links. 

2. Ghostery 

You can safeguard your data with a variety of Chrome extensions, but Ghostery is one of the finest at automatically blocking trackers. Without having access to user data, the extension operates quickly and effectively. It disables all trackers of any sort that are added to websites and displays a list of them in the dashboard. In addition to blocking all trackers, Ghostery provides a comprehensive list of every tracker type that may be identified on a website. As a result, it gives users access to the data they are disseminating to the global community. 

3. AdBlock Plus 

The browser security extension AdBlock Plus is accessible on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Android. AdBlock Plus disables unwanted ads and trackers, enhancing your surfing experience’s privacy and security. By blocking resources that are not required, it also reduces the time it takes for pages to load. AdBlock Plus is simple to use and adaptable to your preferences. Additionally, Adblock Plus includes a comprehensive “acceptable ads” policy that permits some advertisements to help publishers and websites whose business models depend on ad revenues. 

4. Avast Online Security 

Avast Online Security attempts to block and warn you of malicious, virus-hosting sites by tagging websites with a rating of Safe or Not Safe based on input from users; you can share feedback too. You may also prevent cookies and tracking advertising with the aid of Avast. It also has a web tracking blocker which is a big feature for such a “small” tool. Web trackers are scripts running on websites to collect data about how you interact with the site. The tool blocks these scripts from collecting your personal information. As a result, you don’t have to worry about safety when doing online transactions. 

Also, if you happen upon a malicious website, Avast will give it a red mark to signify it as unsafe and warn you to steer clear. Furthermore, if you run a Google or Bing search, Avast shows you green, gray, or red icons next to each search result.   

Summing Up 

These extensions are among the best available, among many. Installing a browser security extension is a great way to improve your safety while browsing the web. Choose one that suits your needs, then install it right away. 

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Image Courtesy: Pexels

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