When it comes to Internet shopping, can you tell if you always get products at the best prices? In the age of discount codes and cashback coupons, there is definitely no end to exclusive deals. Still, when your friend shows you the same product that she/he bought last week at a lower price, you tell yourself, “If only I knew the right place to look.” Internet shopping is tricky; to get the best deals, you need some really great internet shopping tips. 

With the Holiday Season near on the calendar and Thanksgiving next door, you are ready to shop will-free. Why not make it worthwhile by getting the same product at a really reasonable price?

To make your internet shopping easy and rewarding, all you need to do is practice the following internet shopping tips the next time you are out there shopping.

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Here are 7 great internet shopping tips that will help you save time and money

Clean your browsing history/cookies (or go incognito)

Websites are pretty smarter than you think. If you are a repeat visitor, it is highly likely that they will show you a higher price of products you’ve already been looking for. 

You can prevent this if you are browsing on a private mode, or clear your history before you visit the same site again.


Ask the search engine

Just type the exact product name in your favorite search engine and they will show you all the online stores selling it. Additionally, you will also get to know their prices without having to open any link or visiting the site. This simple yet easy trick can often save you a lot of time and money.


Avoid weekends; prefer Wednesday to Friday

Just like the bars and restaurants that try to lure you during the weekdays by offering some kind of deals, online sites use the same approach. Study says that most online retailers offer sales and deals usually during Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 

Weekends, on the contrary, are the drawers of natural crowds. It is, therefore, beneficial to avoid them as much as possible and shop during the last 3 days of the week.


Add products to cart… and forget

A real deal-breaker and my personal favorite, try adding a product to your cart and simply leave without making a purchase. 

What would ensue is a process where retailers will try to lure you back to making purchases by offering some kind of discount. This might not work always and with all shopping websites, but you might get lucky.

There is another additional advantage. If you keep checking your cart from time to time, you will notice the fluctuations in price. Simply buy them when it is lower.


Get premium accounts

Getting an Amazon Prime account is often worth the amount you pay. On an average, you will save up to 15% on all your shopping when done through a prime account. This might not be a great option for one-time buyers. However, if you are someone who even buys groceries online or opted for “Subscribe & Save”, then you can save a lot of cash every month.


Get birthday discounts

Some websites take personalization seriously and offer you exclusive discounts when you fill in your birthday while registering.


Buy relevant credit cards

Sites like Amazon and eBay partner with credit card companies and come up with retailer-specific cards. And, the best thing about these cards is that you get a minimum discount on every purchase. This happens on top of site discounts, occasional sales, and holiday discounts.

Having those cards along with your other ones can save you money every time.