Good news for all Apple users! Apple has recently introduced the second developer beta of iOS 14.3. And the best part is – it includes a major change to ‘Shortcuts.’ In other words, with iOS 14.3 beta – the Shortcuts app will now no longer open when you launch a shortcut from the home screen. Thereby, making the life of apple users easier – especially the ones who use the Shortcuts app to set custom app icons!

When iOS 14 was released, the feature that allowed people to set custom app icons using the Shortcuts app became really very popular!  However, the only con was with the Shortcuts app launching every time a person taps on the custom home screen icon. As an answer to this con, Apple launched the iOS 14.3 beta. With this, you can set custom app icons on your home screen and launch the associated app, without the Shortcuts app automatically launching first. Instead, a compact UI banner will appear at the top! And this cool change was first noticed by Reddit users, followed by Apple Terminal. Now, let’s discuss how to set custom app icons on your home screen.

Steps to set custom app icons on your iOS 14 home screen

  1. First and foremost – open the Shortcuts app
  2. When you do so, you will be able to see the “+” button. Tap on that button to create a new shortcut
  3. Next, click on the “Add Action” button
  4. After this, find the “Open App” feature and look for it in the Actions list
  5. Then, click “Choose” and pick the application you want to customize
  6. Once you have selected the application, go to the three-dot icon in the upper-right hand corner and click on it
  7. Post this, tap the “Add to Home Screen” button
  8. And name the shortcut with the name of the application you selected
  9. Lastly, tap the icon to the left of the app name and choose your custom icon from the Photos app

We hope, this change remains throughout the iOS 14.3 beta testing period and into the final release. Fingers crossed!

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