Zoom has become a major part of our life these days. In fact, Zoom calls make up nearly 70% of our day. Millions of people today rely on zoom to collaborate with each other and get work done. Even educational institutions depend on zoom to conduct everyday classes. With its rising use, few of us had questions about how safe the zoom app is, especially with increasing instances of random people Zoombombing meetings, strangers attending your important meetings, calls getting hacked, etc. Well, good news! Zoom’s end-to-end encryption feature that was launched recently offers security even for free accounts. However, this is not a default option, you will have to enable it to savor its benefits. 


Steps to turn on Zoom’s end-to-end encryption feature

  • Sign in to your Zoom account 
  • In the navigation panel, click on ‘Account Management’ and then select the ‘Account Settings’
  • Click on the ‘Meeting tab’
  • Next, under ‘Security,’ verify if you have enabled the ‘Allow use of end-to-end encryption’ option
  • If the setting is disabled, click on the toggle to enable it. Then a verification dialog will appear. When it does – you need to click on the “Turn On” option to verify the change
  • If you want to make this setting mandatory for all users in your account, click on the lock icon, and then click ‘Lock’ to confirm the setting. Note, this is an optional setting. You can choose if you want this option or not! Remember, once the meeting host activates this feature, attendees who have not activated this feature on their accounts will not be able to join this meeting. So if you’re using end-to-end encryption, be sure to let invitees know they must activate this feature on their account before joining your meeting
  • Then, under ‘Security,’ choose the default encryption type and click ‘Save’

That’s it! You have now activated Zoom’s end-to-end encryption feature. 

Happy Zooming!

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