A year has passed and the pandemic still continues to haunt us – making us confined to the 4 walls. There has been no better teacher than the pandemic. It has made us realize and cherish the value of health, mental peace, and life as a whole. It has taught us the most important life lesson of all – the significance of family and friends. Being tied down to one’s room/house – technology has made us view socialization from a different angle altogether. When humanity was on the verge of breaking down, technology lent its helping hand – encouraging us to bounce back. Thanks to technology – we were able to keep whatever sanity was left of us in the most difficult and blurry phases of our lives. Technology is keeping us sane and helping businesses and organizations across to accept and adapt to this new remote work/learning reality. 

Technology is that invisible line that is connecting people, organizations, and forums – inspiring all of us to move on with our precious lives. Here’s a glimpse of how technology has connected all of us in these difficult times. 

5 Ways technology is keeping us sane and helping us navigate the current crisis

1. Connecting with our loved ones when meeting them in person almost became impossible

When was the last time you went out carefree and had real fun? Even if you think hard, it’s definitely a year back when the world was COVID-free. We are all going through the most difficult phase of our lives. While some got separated from their loved ones geographically, some had to see their loved ones suffer right in front of their eyes – can life get any worse than this? 

It is at times like this, the internet and technology have helped us stay sane by virtually staying in touch with our far-away family, friends, and relatives. Pandemic has only restricted our physical movement but it couldn’t dare interfere with our virtual movement and bonding. Thanks to advancement in technology and of course, the internet.

Can you imagine not seeing or talking with your loved ones for more than a year? Insane right? I am sure you won’t even be able to gather the courage to imagine it! In times like these, all the video conferencing, call apps have been the real heroes. Though these apps existed before the pandemic, we realized the real use and value of all these apps only recently. Apps like Zoom, Hangout, Microsoft Teams, and even Facebook video calls, WhatsApp video calls, etc. have made it possible to see and exchange warm conversations with our loved ones. Needless to say, organizations and institutions are surviving because of the pillar-like support offered by these communication and collaboration tools.

Talking about apps, did you know? Zoom surpassed 26.9M downloads in March 2020. Houseparty stands 2nd with 10 million+ downloads, while Microsoft increased its Teams’ capacity by 60 times in 7 weeks. 

Thus, the various tools and apps that technology has made available today are ensuring that physical distancing no longer becomes a hurdle in establishing and nurturing existing social connections.

2. Virtual medical consultation and treatment

Isn’t it ironic? The place that’s supposed to save lives has become the hub of virus spread and death. Yes, I am talking about hospitals. Today, we have to think twice, before we enter any hospital. Fortunately, technology has made video medical consultation a reality. That means you don’t have to rush to the hospital for every minute doubt you may come across or clarification you need about anything! Not just that it has even made treatment at home possible while doctors and health practitioners support and guide virtually. Not just that, counseling sessions are also being conducted virtually – discarding the need to visit the hospital and medical centers altogether.

Only time will tell us the magic technology can create in this field in the coming days. Fingers crossed!

3. Work and study-from-home

There was a time when organizations were hesitating to offer work-from-home options to their employees. But what happened now? Organizations across were pushed to enforce work-from-home for the safety of their employees. And what’s the outcome – employers began to trust their employees more than ever before. Remote working has only strengthened the bond between them and their people. And what made work-from-home a grand success? Yes, technology! Thanks to technology, companies are able to drive business continuity with no or less impact on productivity.

Coming to education, who had ever thought – the education system had to adapt to remote learning and teaching practices overnight? This particular industry was not even prepared for this change. But what made it possible? Technology! 

Technology has made two impossible things not just possible but it has made it work! And that’s remote working and teaching/learning. In fact, technology-based learning solutions have transformed the education industry for good!

And here’s the best part – technology has made it possible to carry on with our work and learning while staying close with family and friends. Thereby, give us plenty of time to spend with our loved ones which wasn’t the case before the pandemic – where we had to rush to work and kids to school, spending unnecessary time in the traffic.

4. Fun virtual get-togethers

Agreed! There is nothing like meeting your family, friends, relatives, and colleagues in person. But considering the present scenario – technology has at least made it possible to organize fun virtual get-togethers. As the saying goes something is better than nothing! 

All functions today are taking place virtually. Be it an employee engagement activity, school annual celebration event, or a personal family function like a wedding, birthday party, etc. Everything is gone virtual and digital. Must admit, these events are fun though you cannot compare it to actually celebrating them in person. But can’t complain, because technology is at least ensuring we get our dose of socialization without which we would have gone insane for sure!

5. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment

Are you dreaming of days – where you can visit shopping malls, hit the most happening places, or go on a vacation?  Unfortunately, with the recent pandemic wave – all these are not possible anytime soon. Pandemic has snatched our freedom to travel. But technology has helped us stay occupied and yes, keep ourselves entertained.

What would have we done if it’s not for technology and the internet? Gone insane? Probably, yes! Gaming apps, Amazon prime, Disney+, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. are doing a good job entertaining us. Can’t even imagine our lives without these apps today. These apps have been our savior during lockdowns and even now.

Technology has helped us stay close while staying apart

Thanks to technology, we were able to create memorable moments with our loved ones. If it wasn’t for technology, we would have gone insane way earlier. Technology and internet, without a doubt are doing a great job keeping us stay connected, sane, and safe. 

Drop us a comment and tell us how technology is keeping you sane during the pandemic.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Most importantly, stay safe!

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