With the incidence of new Covid-19 cases growing by the day, healthcare stakeholders are continuing to search for tools and medications to help stem the tide.  As a result, emerging technologies during the Coronavirus Pandemic have evolved by helping the medical industry track and treat viruses. 

Today, the development and implementation of emerging technology solutions aimed at combating the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak are rapidly taking shape around the world.

Governments, Venture Capitalists, Academic Institutions, Incubators, Startups, and businesses large and small are all doing their part to deploy new innovative solutions as quickly as possible to combat this pandemic. 

Governments are developing and modifying policies old and new to promote the rapid development of emerging technologies that can help eliminate the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Impact of Emerging Technologies

We have seen the digital health community release a slew of new tools aiming to monitor the spread of the disease and facilitate better treatment. CNBC reported that tech giants Facebook, Amazon, and Google had a discussion with the World Health Organization on their role in combating the spread of disease, as well as fake information. 

With despair lingering and the world in disarray, had it not been for effective and advanced technology solutions, we would have been staring at an unmanageable crisis. China illustrates this case by mustering resources at its disposal. By deploying emerging technologies during the Coronavirus Pandemic, the country has mitigated the effects of the virus to a significant extent. 

Today, several affected countries are looking at the Chinese model of the best use of emerging technologies during the Coronavirus Pandemic to save their populations in this race against time.

This battle with Coronavirus gave rise to the emergence of new and innovative technologies. And is an ongoing process. To fight the Coronavirus, China actively leveraged digital technologies. Like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and 5G. 

Few companies made their algorithms publicly available, researchers shared data and firms increased access to key videocasting tools for educators and remote workers in this war against the deadly virus.

7 Ways Emerging Technologies Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic Challenges

1. Organizing Services:

Health Catalyst launched a COVID-19 response tool that includes seven different services. This new feature is available to Health Catalyst customers. It is focused on patient safety for all healthcare organizations.

The seven new services include a patient and staff tracker, public health surveillance, staff-augmentation support, COVID-19 registry, COVID-19 dashboard, a capacity-planning tool and a financial-impact and analysis resource.

2. Chatbot Advice:

Digital-payment company Flywire and AI-powered chatbot Ivy.ai designed a new COVID-19 chatbot that will let patients tap into information about the virus. This new tool can be customized for healthcare providers and helps assess COVID-19 risk in patients. AI has also played a very important role in tracking the Coronavirus Pandemic.

3. Dashboard Assessment:

Athenahealth created two new dashboards to address the Coronavirus. The first one targeting high-risk populations. It can pinpoint areas with high-risk patients and let the ‘provider organizations know ahead of time.

The second is a lab-testing dashboard that lets providers see a map of where tests are being ordered. This is an excellent tool to help clinicians track trends.

4. Virtual sound assistant:

Voice-powered health tech company Orbita launched a new coronavirus-focused virtual assistant. The free tool can be easily integrated into other platforms, including scheduling and telemedicine applications. It comes equipped with a conversational question-and-answer format and screen tools based on CDC formats.

5. Virus tracker application:

A team from Johns Hopkin’s Center for System Science and Engineering released a new live dashboard that integrates information from the WHO and CDC to track the virus in real-time. This dashboard includes information about cases by region and country, as well as the death rate.

6. Drones for surveillance:

Bloomberg News reported that the Chinese government is using drones to ensure that its citizens are following public health safety guidelines. The drones, with loudspeaker capabilities, zeros individuals who aren’t against rules. An operator will give them instructions, such as, “go inside” or “put on a mask.”

7. Curbing contamination:

CNN reported that medical teams tapped robots to care for the first person diagnosed with the virus in the US. The robot communicated with the medical team outside the isolation area. The CNN report specified that the robot prevented the virus from the transmission. 

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The Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak has effected all mankind with all countries’ interests closely intertwined. No doubt, this has led to emerging technologies during the Coronavirus Pandemic to evolve.

Many innovations and efforts help fight the spread of COVID-19. China’s practice has proven that new-gen information technologies have unique advantages. It can play an important role in responding to major public health challenges. 

Countries today are in constant motion trying to develop new solutions as the epidemic spreads. As it does, countries must share their learnings and work together. By doing so, we collectively find solutions to fight the virus and save lives.