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How Apple’s Design Technology Is Built Around Simplicity


Let us explore how Steve Jobs transformed Apple into one of today’s most admired tech brands. 

Jobs recognized that consumers were frustrated by how all the other technology brands designed their products in a lab without any thought for the consumer. He was instrumental in building Apple’s design philosophy that centered around the customer.

Apple’s products are primarily designed with a focus on the customer experience, with technology coming in as a secondary element.  

The Apple brand that we see today builds everything around the brand idea of “Apple makes technology so simple that everyone can be part of the future.” 

Apple is a stellar example of how a business can use a brand idea to inspire and motivate everyone who works on the brand. 

Simplicity drives all Apple advertising 

Even back in the 1980s, Apple started with “technology for the rest of us” when they took on IBM. And, they continued that attack with “I’m a Mac” ads that took on Microsoft. Simplicity drives Apple’s innovation. 

The beauty of Apple is how they take complex technology and simplify it so consumers can do more with Apple products. 

The Apple brand strategy even drives their retail stores. Their Genius bar helps answer technical questions. They allow consumers to play with their products. Apple salespeople are trained to avoid “geek speak.”   

Consumer-first mentality

Steve Jobs insisted they take a consumer-first mentality, as they transform leading technology advancements into “consumer-accessible” technology. This helped to fuel the perception among the mass audience that Apple is an innovative leader. 

Simplicity drives how Apple handles purchase moments

Apple has effectively taken their simplicity brand idea and stretched it across their brand story through advertising, and their innovation plan. They have also used their brand idea to guide how they manage the purchase moment. 

They do go the extra mile to ensure their retail outlets are easy for consumers to navigate and they strive to create happy experiences for consumers. 

All staff carry a credit card machine and complete the transaction very quickly. No lines or cash registers. Simplicity shines through the store layout, with the genius bar for one-on-one tech questions and support and the training area to teach classes. The brand also puts every Apple product on display to allow consumers to take them for a test drive. 

Apple builds product innovation around simplicity

Apple has taken many failed technology ideas like online music, tablets, or mp3 players, and turned them into consumer-friendly platforms such as iTunes, iPads, and iPods. With each new product, Apple uses launch hype to generate excitement to spark the enthusiasm of the early adopters who spread the word. 

Apple obsesses about the consumer experience

The brand wants the consumer to be able to use any Apple product right away rather than spending hours loading software or setting up your machine. Product integration is a key element of Apple’s brand strategy. Apple products work together, and they work the same way, which makes it very simple for consumers when they move from one Apple product to another. 

The way forward

As Apple achieved an extremely tight bond with a loyal mass of followers, they use the tight consumer bond to generate brand power that they quietly wield in the market. Apple’s retail network of stores generates twice the sales per square foot of any retailer in the world, yet it is a very soft-sell environment.

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Image Courtesy: Unsplash

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