The importance of meditation cannot be emphasized enough. The practice of meditation is not only endorsed scientifically but is also essential to calm your nerves and get going in today’s uncertain, fast-paced, and high-stress world.

Before you start reading about OpenSeed’s meditation pod, look at these interesting statistics on the high usage of meditation apps amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Downloads for mindfulness & meditation apps have grossed nearly 1 million in the last few months. 
  • Android users also spent nearly 85 percent more time using meditation apps than before. 
  • The top ten mental health and wellness mobile apps have secured over 2 million downloads.

About OpenSeed Meditation pod

It is a meditation pod that syncs sound, aroma, lighting, and science-based meditation practices with a built-in touchscreen that’s intended for stressful and high-traffic spaces. Up to 3 people can use it at an equivalent time for team-building activities, prayer, or maybe a fast mid-day nap. A mobile app automates booking, so users won’t be interrupted mid-meditation the way they might be if they were employing a room or other communal space.

OpenSeed says potential clients include corporate offices, co-working spaces, airport lounges, hotels, spas, universities, and private homes. By 2021, the company plans to start distributing pods to the potential clients and even more across the US,  Japan, and Europe. 

According to the company, these meditation pods create a surrounding of stillness in busy environments. This environment is created using lighting, aromatherapy, and sounds for guided meditation. Moreover, the LED lights supported by the pods sync with the audio and act as cues for breathing exercises. Concealed speakers in the interiors produce therapeutic sound vibrations and create an enchanting audio experience for meditation. 

OpenSeed meditation pod in the workplace

Exciting features of the OpenSeed meditation pod:

The OpenSeed meditation pod includes the following best-in-class features:

1. Built-in Touchscreen:

The meditation pod contains a menu of guided meditations, sound therapies, and other customizable experiences with volume and color brightness controls.

2. Light Therapy:

LED light sequences synchronized with the internal audio system, enables users to be immersed in the healing power of colors. These lights also provide chromatic cues for breathing exercises and visualizations.

3. Aromatherapy:

A subtle calming scent welcomes users into the pod. The small compartments within the pod contain essentials oils for multiple experiences. 

4. Immersive Audio:

Multi-channel concealed speakers provide real-life immersive audio experiences, by sending out therapeutic sound vibrations and giving users an out of the world experience. 

5. Noise-canceling Headphones:

Users can activate a maximum of three noise-canceling headphones to block out external noises. The pod can also be used in speaker or headphone mode, depending on the environment. 

5. Ergonomic and Adjustable Seating:

The circular bench has a removable center cushion with backrest, allowing for lotus-like or normal sitting posture. Moreover, the comfortable seat enables an upright posture for meditation. 

6. Air Circulation:

Multiple fans extract air to continuously cleanse the pod. Additionally, they provide a soft breeze for maximum comfort and relaxation.

7. Sound Isolating Shell:

Natural fabric that allows air to flow while blocking out external noises.

8. Group Sessions:

The pod fits a maximum of three people, allowing for group sessions and team building.

Additionally, the all-new SpaceTime model comes with:

  • A Lighter Exterior Finish
  • Ultraviolet Lights coupled with Sanitizing Properties
  • Time Travel-Inspired Soundscapes, Meditation Content, and Light Therapy
  • Unique Aromatherapy Blends


Why invest in meditation pods? 

According to the American Institute of Stress, every year the workplace stress costs US companies over $300 billion, with more than 1 million people calling in sick due to work-related stress.

Therefore, investing in the mindful well-being of employees can reduce workplace stress and improve productivity. Neuroscience signifies that meditating at work helps to make us happier, healthier, more satisfied with our jobs, more creative and productive, and better co-workers.

Final words

Research indicates that meditating in OpenSeed pods significantly increases the effectiveness of meditation and amplifies its benefits. It also collaborates with meditation teachers, healing artists, sound therapists, and audio engineers to supply immersive audio experiences and science-based guided meditations. 

Furthermore, here’s an immersive sound experience for when you want to relax and calm your mind between daily routines –